~~*Pregnant Mommies - Post Your Outfits*~~

  1. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone started this thread yet. Mods, please remove if there is one. Let's see what pregnant mommies are wearing nowadays. Please post pics, accessories, shoes and their name brands.
  2. This will be a great thread! I will need some inspiration when my jeans stop fitting. I'm starting an office job in about a month, and fitting dress clothes over a big old bump will probably be difficult.
  3. Today I'm wearing a a long white shirt with Uniqlo's easy knit legging pants. Just bought them over the weekend and they are awesome ! I one sized up so it's slightly loose. Paired my outfit with black flats and leopard shawl. I'll try to post a photo when I can !

    Uniqlo's easy knit legging pants:
  4. ^^Those look so comfy!!
  5. Once I get into maternity clothes I'm sure I'll be more inspiring. Lately all I've worn is sweats and a t-shirt the moment I get home from the office!
  6. They are ! In fact, I bought 2: 1 black and another in dark jeans colour. Here's an extremely crappy photo (because there isn't any full length mirrors in my office toilet) ! :p

  7. Cute!!!
  8. This thread is a great idea! I need all the ideas I can get. I will try to post my pic later today.
  9. I can't wait to see everyone's outfits!!
  10. i dont have any outfit pics right now, but ive mostly been living in my maternity jeans or leggings, paired with one of many empire waisted dresses that ive had since pre preggo times... im glad they still fit!!
  11. I know this is old but I wanted to post a picture the month I was pregnant with my daughter. This was in June of 2008.

    Pants from Pea and the Pod
    Steve Madden flats
    Nordstrom top
    Express necklace

  12. I'm not pregnant anymore, had my son about 3 weeks ago :p but this is what I was wearing the day he was born :smile:


    I've got plenty of photos of the outfits I wore throughout my pregnancy in my blog if anyone is interested under the maternity wear section --> link here
  13. That is a cute outfit!!! Love the blazer!!! BTW congrats!!!!
  14. This was me at my baby shower in July 2008.

  15. AWWWWWW.... Congrats to all of you.... this will make a great thread....