pregnant lady craving for b-bags LOL

  1. when i was at the store today, there's these 2 ladies coming in and one of the woman said that her friend there is pregnant and she's craving for a white b-bag :roflmfao:
    and she can't sleep last night because she so wanted that bag.
    in the end, she ended up buying another colour though cause she's too afraid she'll spilled something to the white bag.
    i wonder if the baby is girl, is she going to be like US? :roflmfao:
    and i want to have a b-bag craving when i'm pregnant so my future DH won't say no to that shopping spree :P
  2. Awww I want a baby.
  3. OMG that is seriously funny. much prefer a b bag than say CHEETOS!
  4. yeah, i can't contain my laugh and smiling all the time while browsing the bags. people might think i'm either crazy or deeply in love. but this sure made me wanna say YES to my bf whenever he asked to get married :roflmfao:
  5. That is really hilarious!
  6. LOL!!!!!! That is one expensive craving!
  7. funny cravings!!! hehehehe!
  8. hahahahaha... I wonder if that would work...

    ok ladies, time your pregnancies so that they fall strategically during the new release time frame. I'm thinking- get preggers around June (then let the hubby know around when the fall colors come out in Aug), then have the baby around march (spring colors makes excellent baby shower gifts!) and then mid-way you can demand winter metallics to go with those cravings for hot chocolate ice cream and barbecue chips!

    can anyone think of a better way to celebrate the miraculous birth of a child than with the whole line of new spring colors?

  9. HA HA HA... nice timing u figured there mocean
  10. :yahoo: Mocean. Don't forget, after the baby is born, you can get how ever many bbags you want after all the night time feedings and sleep deprivation. :angel: DH has been very sympathic with the sleep deprivation. As a result, I have accumulated 3 Cities so far, and I have Blue India City and Black Mini-bowling on pre-order. Just waiting for DS to start teething to announce my new purchases. :angel:
  11. Wow, have really built up an awesome collection :yahoo: Can't wait to see the pics of your blue india and mini-bowling. Hope they come in soon!
  12. Hahahahah!. Lol!
  13. and btw anyone who uses this plan of action owes me any duplicate cast-offs, k?
  14. hahaha, i love this!
  15. Lol