Pregnant in Heels

  1. ...Are they serious right now with "Baby Name Experts"?

    I can't with the pretentiousness. I can't.
  2. Ok, I couldn't decide if it was that or if she has some sort of accent.

    Maybe she is partially deaf.

    I pass her businesses everyday on the way home and never noticed.
  3. ^^I figured she was British??

    Watching right now and am just having a very visceral reaction to the baby haters - hope they get over it soon.
  4. Does Rosie have a lisp? Her speech impediment is ridiculous.

  5. Oh LT looks a mess. Is that a weave? I hope so bc having his real hair like that would be even more crazy.
  6. I didn't watch an episode, but I caught a clip online. WOW that voice of hers is something else.

    If she's going to be on TV she should hire a speech coach/therapist. A show in English shouldn't require subtitles.
  7. I was wondering the same thing.....?? It made it very hard to watch bc I could barely understand her
  8. The babies were so cute. Especially Fox. Now lets hope his parents warm up to the idea of him being around permanently. lol.
  9. I actually enjoyed this show, and I didn't find Rosie's lisp too unbearable to listen to. it was fine. :yes:

    I watched this show by accident... for some reason my DVR recorded the Monday night run of Pregnant and Heels because it was disguised as "Bethenny Ever After." so weird! the parents who held a think tank, focus group and dinner party to decide their child's name? RIDICULOUS! I cannot even imagine.

    on a similar note, while The Jacobs were debating over "great branding" names such as Asher, Tucker, Holden, Bode, Steven... the other couple names their child Fox. that was too funny.
  10. they showed it as a sneak preview on Monday night after the first run of Bethenny's show. Bravo seems to be doing that regularly now for new shows, they did it with RH of Miami too.

  11. Her bio says she is britsh (moved to USA when she was 18), so that mixed with the lisp was really annoying the hell out of me. I am not knocking anyone with a speech problem, but I am shocked they put her on tv.

  12. I have to agree. Bravo could have at least got her some speech lessons. It's really hard to watch, and it might be reason I don't watch anymore. Which would be a shame bc the show was pretty funny.
  13. the problem is it seems like she's had speech help :weird:
  14. I lauged so hard when the baby branding couple ended up with Bowen Asher Jacobs. I really thought they were leaning towards Miles.
  15. I liked it too

    watched after the RHoM live show maybe why this show seemed so much better than that

    also had no problem with her speech/accent/lisp - maybe because I am around so many accents and my son had/has a lisp on every word one could have a lisp on, that I did not find her hard to understand, a lisp is one of the hardest speech issues to correct