Pregnant in Heels

  1. I watched 2 episodes and was DONE because of her voice and tongue. I never clicked on this thread because I didn't want to be mean if she was handicap or something. But once I saw SNL, I knew it wasn't just me hearing that. Another thing that frustrated me was crying about not being able to have another baby. She already has a son and it seems like she's not concentrating on the fact that she did have one and just cherish that. If it happens again, it happens. I just don't care for all this mess she is doing and crying about having another. I can understand if they were trying to have their 1st ONE but not the 2nd one?
  2. I'd be thankful that I have one healthy baby and shower him with so much love. I'm not one for messing with your body for childbearing.
  3. ITA with everything you said!! I haven't commented because I don't want to make fun of something she can't help but the baby thing kind of blew me because like you said she already has a child. Some women (including myself) can't have even one so I wish she would be thankful for the one she has and stop crying about having another.
  4. exactly.
  5. Totally agree with it all. She should be thankful for the one she has now!! It was fine to mention wanting another but it seems like it's a point on each episode. Maybe they're trying to make it a foreshadowing thing, so when she does get pregnant in the finale it will be like a plotline?
  6. I didn't understand crying for a 2nd baby, considering her first was conceived naturally and was only 2.5 yrs old while she was crying over a 2nd. And even after all the IVF stuff, she ended up conceiving naturally again. So she's luckier in the fertility dept than most. I myself did treatments to get pregnant, so I get the stress. But I saw no reason for her to even be going through the treatments considering she had a baby no problem just 2 yrs prior.
  7. I cannot understand how this woman does not know she has a speech impediment. It's like she doesn't move her tongue when she speaks. I've seen all of about 10 minutes of this show and had to turn it off. At first I thought it was due to a hearing problem but it's not.

    It's not her fault that she has a speech impediment but she's been asked about it in interviews and she is adamant she does not have one.
  8. I do not know when the next season air, nor do I know the status of the filming but Rosie is pregnant with baby #3, 7 months after giving birth.
  9. awww! good for her! during the show she was trying for baby #2.

  10. Congrats to her and her family! :smile:
  11. OMG, what kind of 1982 Miami vice do these people live in?!?!?!? SMH only in Staten Island
  12. I cracked up when her husband said people can't understand 75% of what Rosie says and sometimes he can't understand, either! Damn!
  13. This show is entertaining. And good for her for going to speech therapy.
  14. Anyone still watching this? The ghost episode is on tonight and I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have taken the sleeping pill beforehand- I'm afraid to go to sleep now!

    There's also a girl freaking out about giving birth and doesn't want to learn about the birthing process.

  15. I watched this epi, I couldn't believe how she was caring on about her freaking dog mauling that baby dolls face. I have a 4 years old poodle & a 12 year old cat and abs love them to death but if I was to see behavior like this there wouldn't be a second thought that they'd have to go for a while, I'm sorry but I wouldn't wait to see if something was to happened to decide.

    As far has her fear of delivery, I was like give me a break girl, ready or not its gonna happen.

    I also thought the couple who wanted a "flexible baby" was completed delusional too, these people must have NEVER been around children before.