Pregnant Christina Aguilera Candids

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  3. wow, I hate her make up.
  4. Awww cute bump! She needs to turn off the whore option on the make-up gun though. She is always pretty though no matter what :smile:.
  5. She is very pretty, but really doesn't need that much makeup!
  6. i agree with you all her make up is just too much, she is a prety girl, all that make up takes away from it, she looks like she is wearing drag makeup.....on the other hand she looks so cute pregnant, I wish her and her hubby the best
  7. Very cute pregnant drag queen makeup. Sigh. Will someone please tell her how gorgeous she is when she's natural-looking???
  8. I agree, she's always so beautiful, but the make up is actually playing against her beauty.

    I love her nonetheless! :smile:
  9. love her, she's so cute.
  10. Love her!
  11. I totally agree. I bet she'd look 100% better with no make up on at all. Or if she would just tone it down a little.
  12. I love her, but she needs to tone down on the makeup. I love her outfit.
  13. Very Glam mom-2B!!!!
  14. Great, but her make-up is way too much.