pregnant celeb fashion

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  1. are there any sites that feature pregnant celebs wearing their maternity clothing....

    I need inspiration as all the maternity clothing i have seen is very ugly

    Like pics of nicole richie or angelina jolie etc.....

  2. thanks for the link i will check it out
  3. And you can get away with a lot of non-maternity stuff these days, since there are so many things with empire waists or babydoll styles. I had maternity pants, but only about 3 maternity shirts; otherwise, I wore regular tops.
  4. ^^ I was not feeling the maternity clothes and didn't want to spend a lot of money, right now I'm glad I didn't spend a lot. Now I can shop online for clothes I can continue to wear post pregnancy. For the few items I owned, I wanted to take a match to them, I got so tired of looking at them and wearing them, especially in my last few weeks.