Pregnant name suggestions?

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo:I am expecting , i don't know if it is a little boy or girl but would love to hear some baby name suggestions as it is soooo hard to decide
  2. Congratulations! Do you like traditional names or something more contemporary?
  3. More unusual names would be good :yes:
  4. Congrats! How about Jamie?
  5. Thankyou .... I knew a girl called Jamie once and it is funny how you can be put off names from how they were with you :confused1:
  6. Jamie is good for a boy or a girl :smile: I've always liked Jaime better than Jamie though.

    How many weeks are you?
  7. For girls, I've always liked the names Ava (although, it seems more common these days) and Alexandra.

    For some reason, it's harder for me to come up with boys' names... I like the names Ethan, Owen, and Logan... but these names are becoming more popular now. It's hard to come up with unique names without being too weird... lol.
  8. I am 8 weeks :yes:
  9. Ava and Logan are really nice :yes:
  10. How cute is your little one.... i am even more excited now ohhhh i can't wait
  11. :yahoo:Congratulations:yahoo:

    Siri is a very unique girls name:graucho:
  12. How about

    Allegra or

    Heroines in novels by Clare Darcy
  13. I heard an unusual girl's name today - Skyla - pretty!

    My daughter's name is Natasha which I still love. I like the names Gregory and Bradley for boys. Even if they are shortened they still sound 'manly'.
  14. Here are my suggestions:

    . Sertab
    . Silve
    . Carola
    . Naomi
    . Nicolette
    . Helena
    . Ashleyne
  15. Congrats!!!!! I can not think of names, but congrats!