Pregnant Attorney Found In Georgia, Says She Made Up Kidnapping "Had A Meltdown"

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    TOLEDO, Ohio — A pregnant Ohio attorney found in Georgia three days after she went missing says she was kidnapped at gunpoint outside the juvenile court building in Toledo last week, her husband said Monday.

    Karyn McConnell Hancock, 35, who is six months pregnant, had been missing since Wednesday when she was found Saturday behind the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park. Police said she reported having been abducted. There were no immediate arrests.
    Hancock's husband, Lawrence Hancock, who is the bishop of Final Harvest Church in Toledo, told police his wife called him from a pay phone Thursday afternoon. One of the men threatened her with a gun, Hancock told NBC's "Today" show Monday morning.
    "He asked her to come with him the first time and she kind of looked at him. The second time he showed her the gun inside his jacket," he said.
    Hancock told police his wife's debit card was used to withdraw several hundred dollars the night she disappeared.
    Cobb County, Ga., police still have her vehicle, which was found within walking distance from the amusement park, said Sgt. Dana Pierce.
    The suspects reportedly dumped her out of a vehicle in Georgia on Saturday morning, and she wandered to a back gate at Six Flags, Pierce said. The woman flagged down a motorist, who called police at about 6:45 a.m. The park is located in Austell, Ga., 15 miles northwest of Atlanta.
    Details on where she was between Wednesday and Saturday, descriptions of her alleged abductors and the vehicle they were driving were unclear.
    The woman's father, C. Allen McConnell, a municipal court judge in Toledo, told the "Today" show that the family needs more time to find out the details of the reported kidnapping.
    "We need a little time to figure out what happened, what went on, what went wrong and what happened with her," he said.
    Karyn McConnell Hancock is an attorney and former city councilwoman in Toledo.
    One of her former clients recently filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of taking money from him that he was owed from an accident settlement.
  2. I don't see where it says she had a meltdown and made the kidnapping all up? Am I missing something?
  3. My bad. I just clicked the link and realized it has the rest of the story.

    Karyn McConnell-Hancock, 35, who is 6 months pregnant, hasn't been seen since Dec. 5 .

    TOLEDO, Ohio — A pregnant attorney who vanished for four days last week now says her tale of being kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to Georgia was fabricated, police said Tuesday. Her husband said she had "a meltdown."
    Karyn McConnell Hancock, a former Toledo city councilwoman, had disappeared Wednesday and was found Saturday near Atlanta. Her husband said Monday that his 35-year-old wife, six months pregnant with her second child, claimed she was kidnapped by two men and a woman.
    Police said at a news conference that she recanted Monday after eight hours of questioning. Hancock will likely be charged with making a false police report, said Police Chief Mike Navarre.
    Police would not discuss a motive, but Hancock's husband, Lawrence Hancock, said his wife has been having psychological problems for several years.
    "She experienced a meltdown and attempted to handle those matters without the assistance of professional help or others. Karyn elected to leave everything because she felt that she was unable to continue," he said.
    Hancock's father, C. Allen McConnell, is a Toledo Municipal Court judge, and her husband is bishop of Final Harvest Church in Toledo. The husband had said earlier that he believed the purported kidnapping had something to do with a case McConnell handled before he was a judge.
    He had said his wife called him from a restaurant pay phone Thursday afternoon, saying "they have me." She said she thought she was going to die and "told me don't let her son forget her and that she loved me," he said.
    Investigators don't think her husband or anyone else knew what she was doing, authorities said Tuesday.
    Hancock was found after she flagged down a motorist near at Six Flags in Austell, Ga., and the motorist called police, authorities had said. Her car was found nearby.
    One of the attorney's former clients recently filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of taking money from him that he was owed from an accident settlement. In the suit, Maurice Morris, of Toledo, said Hancock negotiated a settlement but never gave him the $10,000 settlement.
    Lawrence Hancock said he wasn't sure if the lawsuit triggered her actions.
    Both he and his father-in-law, McConnell, had appeared on NBC's "Today" show Monday to discuss the case. At the time, the judge said the family needed more time to find out "what went on, what went wrong and what happened with her."
  4. We posted at the same time... I saw the update... I apologize for not reading the link first! My bad!

    Highly interesting story, I wonder if she really thought she'd get away with it.
  5. Ha i saw that ! :p

    Yeah i feel bad for her. :s
  6. sounded fishy from the time they found her in cobb county GA
  7. Me too... someone that highly intelligent, she had to do this to cope? Sounds like she really just needed a break, but didn't know how to take one.
  8. Wow. Found her in Cobb County! I was born and raised in Cobb County! And they even have Sgt. Dana in the article! He's the one they always have on the news when anything happens in the county. Not that that's either here nor there...

    Reminds me a lot of the case last year where the woman ran away from her fiance and their great big wedding and claimed that a hispanic couple had kidnapped her and taken her to Arizona and raped her repeatedly. Except she STARTED in Georgia, she didn't end up here.
  9. ^^Amanda, I remember that story. Called her "The Runaway Bride", didn't they?

    I've had meltdowns, but I've always done it in the comfort of my own home. ;)
  10. Oh, my home town of Toledo, OH...I cant be more proud:s
  11. yep, one of my journalism professors wrote the cover story about it for 'People!'
  12. money problems?
  13. Cool! I remember that one well. SHe had to do community service, yes? I recall seeing a picture of her in a bright orange vest and yellow hardhat, pushing a mower I think.

    Think so Sarah. Says there is a client she owes 10,000.oo bucks.
  14. She didn't pay taxes for a few years either. A lawyer should know better.

    "The Toledo Blade reported Tuesday that she owed the IRS $97,524 for unpaid income taxes from 2001 to 2003. The liens, on file in the Lucas County recorder's office, have not been released, the newspaper reported."