Pregnant At Her Prom !!!!

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  1. [​IMG]I came across this picture looking for Prom dresses for a friend
    I have to say, well, that I'm speechless !!!
  2. Yikes! And wearing an awful dress...
  3. LOL...LOL....LOL....oh my word.
  4. Yikes...

    One of this month's magazines (I think it's Seventeen...but it could be Cosmogirl) has a picture of a girl pregnant at her homecoming dance (it's an article on an Ohio high school, where 65 of the female students were pregnant last year...obviously, the school's abstinence-only education policy isn't working)

    Scary stuff.
  5. wow there arnt any words to explain how bad the dress is
  6. That dress is an overstatement. Holy Moly!
  7. THAT should be illegal! I think maybe sticking her finger in a socket distorted her fashion sence.
  8. Wow! I'm speachless. I guess she doesn't believe in "less is more"

    Like if she didn't bare her tummy people would forget she's pregnant?
  9. Ain't that a pic for birth control!
  10. Oh my. . .
  11. Dang! and she's proud!
  12. Dear God: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't ever let this be MY daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am speechless...
  14. very disturbing
  15. Disturbing, indeed :blink: :sick: