pregnant....AND still breast feeding....


Jun 30, 2006
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hi ladies.....i haven't started a new thred in a while, i've been wanting to ask this for a while but i felt that i was too shy about this.....but here i go, i would like to get some different opinion about this!

i had a dr's appt. today for my baby #2. i'm almost 16 weeks pregnant and i got to hear the heartbeat and it was pretty exciting! towards end of the visit, i asked this young male Dr. about my "problem" that i'm having........

my daughter just turned 2 little over a week ago and i still nurse her. my plan was to stop doing this when she turned 2.....well, this plan isn't going so well, since she's already 2 and my daughter still treats me like i'm a human pacifier. she never did take bottles or paci....she doesn't have any favorite teddy bear nor blankie....*I* am her favorite when it comes to that department.

she started going to daycare about 3mo ago, just 2-3 days a week.....and she's been sick on and off for the almost whole time (she never got sick before started going to daycare!), so she 'needs me' even more when she's not feeling well. but she is OK without nursing the whole time she's at school (from 9am to after 3 or 4pm) - she drinks milk or whatever out of straws or cups, she can eat regular food......but at night time, she's like a newborn baby ---- and i'm fully responsible for this whole thing!!!

but i'm exhausted.

i asked the dr. who delivered her, she says it's ok to breastfeed during the pregnancy, but it might cause premature i should work on this, but not in a hurry.

the doctor i saw today (young guy) says i should NEVER breastfeed after 24 weeks or pregnancy cuz it's very dangerous --- so i have 2 months to stop!

the pediatrician went...."are you having a serious problem with this?!" so i said....well, not really, but i would like to stop sometime.....soon, maybe....?!! then he goes "oh don't worry, i know this lady who breastfed her kid till he was FIVE!!!" and that was that. more opinion i get, i get more confused....i've been reading so much stuff about this online and everybody says different....

have any of you guys went through the same?!!! sorry about the long post, but if i can, i'd like to get some opinion about this!
and any tips on how to wean?!!

my daughter is having a major time with Night Terrors (sometimes it last like 30-40 min in the middle of the night, scares me...) and i don't wanna put her through too know...

thank you so much!!:heart:
Sep 30, 2007
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Well, that is the FIRST time I've heard that breastfeeding is dangerous while pregnant. What usually happens is that your milk dries up and the little one loses interest. Or, I should say, she isn't using you for MILK, but for comfort.

I know MANY, MANY women who breastfed all through there pregnancies and NEVER did a doctor say to stop because it was dangerous. La Leche League is FULL of tandem nursers too.

You gotta remember, OB/Gyn's are NOT experts on anything except gynecology and obstetrics. They do not take courses on breastfeeding and probably anything they have heard is through the grape vine. Just like pediatricians are not taught parenting classes (yet people seem to go to ped's for all their parenting questions too).

Check out the LLL online site. You'll find any info you want. Personally, I wouldn't add trauma to your daughter's life right now. She's obviously needs you. I know breastfeeding gets WAY old (my son is 2 years 7 months) and he has NO INTEREST in stopping. I don't produce anything except foremilk now and he only nurses to sleep at night, but it's SOOOOOOO important to him. My older son weaned himself at 13 months, so I NEVER would have guessed I would continue this long, but his needs are different from my older child's needs.


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Feb 26, 2006
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Yes I've heard of the same thing too, that stimulation of the nipples causes contractions. That is why some doctors say that one way to induce labor, when you are late in your pregnancy, is to stimulate the nipples.

But unless yours is a high risk pregnancy, I don't think there is anything to worry about nursing your older child. The taste of breastmilk changes around the 4th month so she might wean herself off nursing for the time and then nurse again when the baby is born. I've read many stories of children doing that by themselves.

Self-weaning and tandem nursing is a good idea because it reduces the instance of sibling rivalry. Can you imagine how your daughter would feel if you said out of the blue that she cannot nurse anymore because of the new baby??


Sep 6, 2007
sophia618 I am so sorry that you went through this..I would say that at least a quarter of the over 2500 women whose babies I have helped be birthed at home have nursed for part or in many cases ALL of the subsequent pregnancies..true at between 4 and 6 months the color and presumably the taste of the breastmilk changes..BUT..I suggest strongly that you don't subject your daughter to weaning right now.. just be sure to take good care of your own nutrition during this early part of your pregnancy


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Mar 27, 2007
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My sister is a La Leche League leader in her area... PM me if you want her user id... or Phone #... she's here to help :tup:. She's also breast fed throughout all her pregnancies as well.. and has had a couple successful planned births at home.


Jun 30, 2006
it's always summer here!
berryblondeboys - thank you so very much for the quick reply!
it's so nice and comforting to know that there are so many moms out there that STILL nursing their children over 2yrs old!!! i just don't know anybody around me doing this at this moment.....even my own family (back home in japan) find it little strange for me to be STILL doing this.......(and i can not even tell you what my SIL says about this!!! she could be pretty mean lady...or she really is...!) your support means so much to me! i read your post last night before bed and actually made me cry a little (in a good way!) thank you!!!

TammyD - thank you! i'm already a little worried about how my daughter will react around the new baby....(i read that Scorpio children are VERY jealous!!! and that's her!!!) yeah, i'm still waiting for "my taste" to change.....i just don't wanna have to this to continue until she's 3 or 4!!!! lol
but anyway, mine isn't a high risk pregnancy and i'm as healthy as i can be (and seems like my daughter is helping me to keep my weight down a little!!! lol i gained 80lb with her! yikes~) and i really wasn't THAT worried until i talked the guy doctor yesterday --- i had a little freak-out moment yesterday but i'm little more calm...and you guys are helping me so much!!! thank you again!

quilter - thank you for your kind words!
wow, you helped so many women and babies, so wonderful!
my daughter did pretty well today, didn't nurse that much and passed out on the floor playing with blocks after dinner (she was that tired from playing at school all day!) it was pretty easy day for me!! but your support means a lot to me, so thank you!!!
BUT tomorrow.....i have a day off from work (my DH and i own a business, but i have enough help there on me and my daughter stays home *she used to go to work with us everyday since she was just one month old! until 3 months was just too much work for us to take her there anymore!*) ---- meaning i'm gonna be a mild fountain if we stay home all we MUST go shopping!!!! darn it~ lol

oogiewoogie - thank you, that is so sweet of you!!!!
it's just so nice to hear that someone breast fed throughout all her pregnancies.....i've been reading online stuff like that, but one word from doctor scares me away from it..... but i am NOT brave enough to give birth at home.....even though i was in labor with my daughter for 29 long hours (i actually pushed her out right after the dr said she'd bring me a sandwich if i had a baby then.....and if i had c-section, i wasn't gonna be eating for another day and half! i was that hungry! my sweet DH ate all sorts of fast food and watched movies...then SLEPT pretty good....yep, damn husband. lol)
but anyway....thank you again for your sweet comment and support!!

thank you all for taking time to read this too! you guys are the best!


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Aug 25, 2006
Hi Chie--I was breastfeeding my 10 month old when I found out I was pregnant. I immediately stopped breastfeeding for fear of hurting the baby. When I gave birth to him I told the nurse about it and she said that I didn't need to stop breastfeeding, that it was perfectly safe and okay to do so.

I hope that you find some resolution to Sophia's night terrors and need for comfort. My 22 month old is having them too and I end up needing to sleep with her then having to go and sleep and feed the infant. It is totally nuts but so worth it.

Hope all is going well with Sophia and the pregnancy!!!!!


Jan 3, 2006
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First and foremost, you rock for breastfeeding (this is not a slam against women who don't).

My children are 15 months apart. I breastfed my daughter for the first 6 months of second pregnancy. I would have continued, but my daughter weaned herself.

My theory is that since your breastmilk changes (depending on the stage of your pregnancy), your daughter will automatically wean herself eventually. It is still early on in your second pregnancy. Now is not the time to start weaning...especially with the health benefits.

As far as the night terrors, this is common for Sophie's age. I would continue to nurse her for comfort to get her through this stage.

I am sure you are totally exhausted; believe me; I know. Just think; you are almost to your second trimester. You are going through the worst of it now. It will get better, and hopefully Sophie will wean herself when the breast milk changes in consistency and flavor.

Best of luck to you, and congrats on your pregnancy!!