Pregnant (and feeling so blessed!)

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  1. Great news! Your gorgeous twins will have a new baby brother or sister!
  2. Many congrats to you. You are going to be veryyyy busy! Exciting though! So happy for you. Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy.
  3. Looks like we'll have lots of March babies next year ;)
  4. Congrats, Emma!!! That's awesome news! Definitely lots of March babies on this board. I am on the same journey as well but this is my first...
  5. Congrats Emma!! Many blessings for you and your family!!
  6. that's so exciting, congrats!
  7. How bloomin' lovely! Congratulations, and take care.:heart:
  8. :hugs: + :heart: to you all for the well-wishes!!

    So many spring babies coming up next year... the thing that gets to me is that I had my little twins at the beginning of Feb 08 (7th) and now my due date is toward the end of March 09 (21st). That's a grand total of 3 kids in just a little over a year :nuts:--for someone who until 3 years ago didn't even want kids at all... And now I'm overjoyed to be getting ready for this third baby; so amazing how life changes you...
    So it looks like I'll have my third kid at exactly 30.5 years old (I'll be turning 30 on Sept. 21) --assuming (the highly unlikely fact) that she/he is born precisely on her due date of March 21st... sorry to ramble lol :shame:!
  9. Congrats!!!!!! That's wonderful news!
  10. oh wow! congrats!~ its nice their age groups will be close too...!
  11. congrats on the great news!! your twins will have a new sibling so close in age to play with, what lucky children!!
  12. Thanks emma :hugs: we will be on this journey at the same time. And yes the headaches have eased and gone away for now. I hope they do not return.
  13. Congratulations!!! So happy to hear the news. :heart::heart:
  14. Congrats, that's such a blessing! Having your kids so close together in age will make it seem like triplets instead of twins, they'll be 3 peas in a pod.
  15. That is such exciting news! Congratulations! :yahoo: