Pregnant (and feeling so blessed!)

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  1. I found out yesterday that I'm a little over 10 weeks pregnant. :nuts:

    This time, it's a single baby... with a very energetic heartbeat we got to marvel at during the ultrasound.

    Both of us are still a little in shock because --although it was becoming increasingly clear to us that we wanted to have more kids-- both my husband and I assumed we'd have to work harder at it since at least one of my Fallopian tubes is blocked by some scar tissue resulting from a bad reaction to an IUD followed by infection...

    I think I started suspecting that I was *likely* pregnant (but couldn't quite believe it even when the test I took 2 days ago turned unequivocally positive) because I was starting to have a lot of all-day sickness (which I dismissed as 'food poisoning') and also because I suddenly started to be nauseated by smells (particularly coffee).

    The smell sensitivity was actually what prompted me to buy an EPT and sneak into the bathroom to take it (feeling very sure that it was a waste of $ since I was probably going to get my period within the next 2 days or so)...

    Since giving birth to my twins, my periods have been very irregular and unpredictable... and since I just assumed I couldn't get pregnant, I didn't even make note of the date I got my last period (which is why my ob/gyn wanted to take a look at the fetal pole and 'date' the pregnancy yesterday)... That, and he knows I'm neurotic when it comes to stuff like this ;) so he figured it was better to have me listen to the heartbeat and show me the fetus on the ultrasound rather than just do a pregnancy test, acknowledge that it's positive and send me home...

    We are so over the moon right now... I can't believe this and I can't believe that this time I'm actually very relaxed about the whole thing and truly looking forward to thoroughly enjoying making this little baby! :love:
    Best news since the birth of our twins.

    Thanks for letting me share!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Emma!!!!!!!!1


    We must be due around the same time!! *jumps up and down!*

    OMFG, I'm so happy for you!!!
  3. How exciting!

    Congrats Emma!
  4. Congratulations to you and your family!
  5. That is such great news!!!!! Congrats!!! I needed some good news today!!!
  6. THANK YOU, you guys... I'm was speechless for once (and still kinda am) when I saw the u/s yesterday... I kept thinking 'wait; WHAT??!' I even asked my ob/gyn 'how this happened?' Thankfully, he known me for 11 years now, so he just started laughing and said he suspected this happened the way these things usually happen... so that made me and my husband laugh, too... we would have expected just about anything else except another baby so soon (and so easily!) after the twins. I had a miserable pregnancy with my twins, and I'm so relieved to see that I'm just completely relaxed this time around... I plan on enjoying this gift FULLY..

  7. Sure looks like it!! Give or take a couple of days??

    Hard for me to wrap my mind around all this... :yahoo: ...
  8. Wow!

    Best Wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy!
  9. Wow, Congrats EmmaLawyer. I am truly happy for you. Yeay!!!!
  10. Thank you katsbags and fashion16....:heart::heart:
  11. Congragulations, thats awesome. A baby is always a blessing. I hope you dont have many problems with your pregnancy this time around, I am glad you are enjoying it.
  12. Wow congrats :smile: How exciting is that. What a true blessing. HUGZ
  13. Thank you, crylater! I think the biggest (only?) problem I had with my twin pregnancy was the fact that I was just sooo worried that something would go wrong that I ended up doing too much research (and that's the kiss of death really because once you become aware of how many things could go wrong it's basically impossible to relax...).
    This time around though I'm very committed to not looking up any information on the Internet because there is absolutely no reason to borrow other people's trouble when I could just ***enjoy*** being pregnant with this new baby!! So, it's all blissful ignorance for me between now and March 09...
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    And lots and lots of congratulations to you, too!! Our due dates are pretty close together as well. (Hope your preg headaches ease up. I had them with the twins and they were no fun. At all!).
  15. Congrats! It is fun reading your posts! Many little blessings to your new baby and you twins....