Pregnant And Bleeding?

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  1. :crybaby:Guys Just found out about a hour ago im pregnant
    pretty much in a state of shock as i had no idea
    however on saturday i bled a tiny spec on sunday i bled a little and as i jus done my test i realised im bleeding yet again
    any advice?
  2. Spotting in pregnancy is actually fairly common. The main cause of this being the baby latching on to the lining of your uterus. Is your spotting bright red or brown-ish? Red means the blood was recent and brown means it happened a while ago. How far along do you think you are? (Count from the first day of your last period)
  3. Spotting in pregnancy is in fact quite common. Usually it's just implantation bleeding (early on in pregnancy). If it's not accompanied by cramps or heavy bright red bleeding, it's most likely nothing. To make sure you should call your doctor. Congrats on the pregnancy!
  4. Spotting or bleeding is actually very common-especially in early pregnancy. it happens to more women than you would think. I bled/spotted the first 3 months of my last pregnancy-it freaked me out! I now have a perfectly healthy 7 year old boy.

    My doctor always told me that as long as the blood was brown/brownish that meant it was old blood and nothing to worry about. And, of course, as long as I wasn't having any pain along with it. I came to realize that in my case at least, the bleeding/spotting was happening around the time i would have had my period if I hadn't been pregnant.

    Still nothing wrong with calling the doctor.
  5. I spotted with my second pregnancy and was told the same thing as Nishi's doc -- if it's brownish/pinkish and not bright red, and if I have no pain, it's probalby nothing. I also agree that it's a good idea to call the doc anyway, just to be safe.
  6. I agree with everyone that you should go to the doctor if you feel concerned. If it's any consolation, I didn't spot in early pregnancy, I soaked a few pads. I thought I was having a period (wasn't aware that I was pregnant).