Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan ???

  1. a question for all the ladies that is pregnant or had children b4....I am currently 5 months pregant and in New Zealand the docotors only get you to do three ultrasound scans during ur pregnancy if everything is normal....but I can't help feeling a bit worried ! Since some of my friend who is living overseas says their doctors have ultrasound equipement in their clinic and they do it everytime during check ups. I 've sort of asked my doctor about it, and she said there's no reason to do more scans unless there are concerns. Seems like its just the normal practice in New Zealand...what is it like in the States ?:shrugs:
  2. If all is well, you only get one or two ultrasounds, I believe. No need to worry...all is fine, I am sure!!!!
  3. Is it true that if you get too many ultrasounds, it could affect your baby's hearing?
  4. my sister's doctor only gives two unless something goes wrong...
  5. Here you get one every check up with pictures everytime.
  6. I was in Paris during my first pregnancy.. They did complete ultrasound every 2 months.. but whenever i go to the doctor she had a small equipment to hear the baby's heartbeats and watch their movement.. she didnt consider it ultrasound.. dunno what it is.. but when i asked her if ultrasound can affect the baby, she said Not at all even if u do it every two weeks.
  7. In Denmark, one or 2 if everything seems well !! I´m scared to have a baby here
  8. I have already had one ultrasound, and will be having another next Wednesday. I'm not sure how many someone in German gets during their pregnancy, but my aunt said she had 4 with Nicole. The first being at her first appointment, the second at 12 weeks, the third at 20 or so weeks, and then the last at around 37 weeks.
  9. Here you ony get 1 or 2 as long as there are no problems.
  10. No, that's not true. I had 2 high risk pregnancies. Pre-term labor, bed rest, hospital visits, the whole deal. I had ultrasounds twice a month, at every Dr. visit & weekly in my last month. My boys were born completely healthy :smile:

    Normally, it's your first one around 10-12 weeks (although it can be earlier) & another one around 20 weeks (that's when they can usually sex the baby) & occasionally 1 more in the final weeks of pregnancy if there are any concerns.
  11. I had quite a few ultra sounds early on in my pregnancy with my youngest son. BUT, that was because I was having problems the first 3 months. Once everything was ok, I then only had 2 more ultra sounds (1 big one at 5 months or so and then the last one at 36 weeks), the rest of the pregnancy-which is the norm here from what I understand (I live in NY). And, my doctor did have a small ultra sound machine in his office and still didn't do ultra sounds every visit. What he did do every visit was check for the heartbeat and let us listen to that.

    I think 3 ultra sounds per pregnancy (without complications) is the norm.
  12. At most offices in my area you get 2-3 usually, but they should be trying to find fetal tones {heartbeat} at every appt w/ a doppler.
    Even when I was considered high risk w/ twins I still only got one every other time.
    U/S are safe, even once a month.
  13. I have 3 children , I got 2 ultrasounds with each of them.
  14. Same with me :yes: .
  15. My doctors basically only plan to do one per pregnancy, but I had a couple of problems during my two pregnancies (everything turned out fine), so they did one extra one each, so two for both my kids.