Pregnancy test - how accurate how soon?

  1. I had a normal period July 8, yet I got really sick all last week with what I thought might be pregnancy symptoms (breast soreness to an extreme (which I never get monthly), dizziness, nausea, stomach pains, diarrhea, fatigue). I had a urine test done @ clinic July 30 which came back negative - the dr. assured me I wasn't pregnant. I have IBS/reflux and treated myself for that and am feeling better so...maybe it was only that all along. BUT the breast pain is lasting!

    Does anyone know how soon the urine tests can detect pregnancy? IF you haven't missed a period yet, will the urine test still be definitive? I haven't missed any periods and am due August 8. I would love thoughts - thanks!
  2. It might be too soon, Blood tests (Beta HCG) are the most accurate because they measure the amount of HCG in your blood vs. Negative or Positive.
    Urine tests generally only detect 4 days before expected period.
  3. if the clinic's urine test was negative two days ago, I don't think a regular OTC pregnancy test is going to have different results right now. However, you could still be pregnant. I would wait until after you expect your period to test again.
  4. Pregnancy tests detect the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is made once a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, generally about 7-8 days after ovulation/fertilization. And ovulation most typically happens on the 14th day of one's cycle.

    Generally, the hormone levels aren't detectable by home pregnancy testing kits until the HCG levels get to around 100 milli-IUs/ml. (although First Response claims they can detect 25 milli-IUs, although they certainly did not detect my pregnancy even when my level was 50 mIU/ml.)

    Blood tests will catch a pregnancy with as little as 5 milli-IUs/ml, and so if you had a serum test and there was no HCG detected, you can be assured you were not pregnant.

    Anyway, if you are pregnant, you can expect to be around 25 mIU/ml near the day you are expecting your period, or the day after. If you are pregnant, you will be considered to be 4 weeks pregnant at that time, even though conception was only 2 weeks earlier and implantation might have only been 7 days before.

    HCG levels double every 30-48 hours during weeks four and five of normal pregnancies, so if you cannot detect an HCG level on the first day after a missed period, you certainly should be able to detect one by the fourth or fifth day using a home kit, as the level should be near 100 mIU/ml.

    Hope this helps.
  5. So a blood test would be accurate now, even if I haven't missed a period? Or should I wait to see if I get my period and then if I don't, then get the blood test done?
  6. The blood test is far more accurate than a urine test, but if you are pregnant now, it's probably not detectable even with a blood test.

    If your last period began on July 8, you most likely ovulated around July 22 (14 days later, assuming a 28-day cycle although you indicate that you are expecting your next period on August 8 which means you have a 31 day cycle.)

    Anyway, say you did conceive around July 22, it'd probably take until July 29-30 at least until your body started making the HCG peptide. It's hard to imagine that there would be detectable levels just yet.

    Why not wait until next week and see if you get your period? Do you have some condition where you need to be treated right away if you find out you are indeed pregnant?
  7. If I were you I would wait to see if you miss your period and then go get the blood test. (this was the advise given to me by my doctor)
  8. Coco - no condition at all so I'll wait to see if I get my period. Just boobs that are killing me lol!!!

    Would I be experiencing symptoms this soon if I on the rare chance I conceived July 22? I started feeling ill before that actually...with stomach issues. I probably am not even pregnant but my chest situation is strange as I never have this, which made me question pregnancy.
  9. Sounds like great advice - thanks Lisa :P

  10. Sorry about your swollen breasts, but it seems a little early for that even if you are pregnant. Perhaps something else is going on? The heat, humidity, or maybe a bit too much salt intake recently?

    I hope you do get the results you're wishing for though!
  11. Yeah, it definitely is too early coco. Probably just hormonal changes in my body - very hot here, kind of stressed out lately...and due for my period August 8 (and maybe I'll get it sooner which is why they hurt so badly). I much appreciate your advice and will keep you informed!!
  12. I wish we had a little switch on our bodies. Pregnant:Not Pregnant. Hormones SUCK....
  13. Oh LIsa I'm w/you there LOL! Hormones SUCK big time. And it's getting worse as I get older :sad: JOY!
  14. Would this be your first pregnancy?
  15. yes ma'am! Numero uno.