Pregnancy taboos - what are yours? Share some fun!

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  1. While I was pregnant, my parents and in-laws told me about our culture's pregnancy taboos. Being Asian, there are A TON. Whether you believe them or not - personally, I don't really believe them, but I try to avoid them if I can just so my heart feels better and my parents stop nagging. What are some funny/cool/odd/common taboos in your culture?

    Here are some funny ones:
    - you cannot eat lamb while pregnant or your baby will get seizures in the future (because the word "lamb" in Chinese sounds like "seizure" in Chinese)
    - eating black sesame paste will give your future baby very luscious and black hair (for Asians)
    - if you do renovations, your baby will have an ugly birthmark or marking on their body/face
    - you cannot go to another child's "big event" such as a 100 days celebration or birthday party while pregnant, or else your unborn baby will "very jealous" of the other child and will be hard to handle when they are born <--- my parents actually FORBID me to go to a baby birthday party of a family friend...and I actually listened *facepalm*:doh::doh:

    What are some of yours?
  2. Also Asian and my in laws kept telling me to not drink anything cold even in the summer heat. No squatting, no working out, and don’t watch scary movies or look at ugly things lol.
  3. lol! what about you shouldn't do makeup and dye hair?)))