Pregnancy symptons onset question?

  1. Just curiousity here, but did anyone have symptoms before their first missed period? And what were they?
  2. The breasts get harder. Feel kinda icky!
  3. I was dizzy and nauseous the day before my missed period, but at that time I thought it was because my family was in town and I didn't have enough sleep.
  4. resurrecting this... my bf and i usually use condoms but slipped up a little over a week ago. yesterday and today have been feeling really tired and waves of nauseous with breast tenderness. period is due in 2 days so breast tenderness is not unusual, just wondered if it is possible to have symptoms this early or not? thanks girls!
  5. Everybody's body is different. If your period is due in 2 days, you can take a test.

  6. Everyone is different and sometimes symptoms can appear that early on. I think you should wait 2 days and test just to be sure as the previuos poster suggested.
  7. i felt symptoms several days before my first missed period; mostly, sore boobs. finally the thing that made me take a test was feeling extremely nauseous for a few minutes, just at the smell of something. this was 5 days before my missed period. i took one of those early response tests and saw a faint second line. the next morning i took a digital test and it said "Pregnant". so i do think it's possible to have symptoms early on. i would test and then test again in a few days to be sure
  8. It's funny, but in the several months we were trying to get pregnant, I felt symptoms each month EXCEPT the month I actually was pregnant! That month, nothing!
  9. I was achy, for 2 weeks prior to the positive test! My lower back hurt so bad and I had cramping. I took a test (probably too early) and it was negative. A week later, I gave in and went to the dr. thinking I had something wrong w/ me. She laughed and made me take a test even though I told her I already took one and she would be wasting her time. It was positive!
  10. I guess since someone revived this thread I can now answer my own question. Really tender breasts, more so than normal, and slight crampy, achiness in lower abdomen not accompanied by AF. My symptoms stared right around AF time.
  11. I had sore breast and cramps but no AF. I finally took a test two weeks over due... and saw a positive line.
  12. I felt implantation cramping, my nipples were tingly and sensitive, and I was unusually tired. I took the test the day before AF was due and got an immediate positive. I have to agree with everybody else that everyone is different though.
  13. I agree with all the above posts too, but I knew right away for two other reasons. (1) I had implantation bleed (slight bleed with one wipe...sorry if TMI) and (2) I was so emotional, but different from before the period emotional. I was totally infactuated and in love with DH and needed a lot of attention and usually I'm the complete opposite!!
  14. Yes, I had early symptoms. Feeling exhausted and super-hungry all of a sudden were the two things I would notice very early on.
  15. DH & I were trying and timed it..... i did notice one day that smells were sharper, and before AF, boobs were sensitive and achy.... i also felt "different" in kind of an undefined way. I actually felt less crampy/bloated... less "full" than I usually did before a period... so when the test said "pregnant" I wasn't too surprised.... but i cried anyway. lol