pregnancy questions

  1. SO I went to my ob last week. He told me that the baby is on my right side of my uterus. Not in the middle like my other two! But he just said it very casually, like it is no big thing. Now lately, I am getting worried! Because I could feel her kicking and moving on my right side all the time. BTW I am about 7 months. BUt I am wondering has anyone been in the same situation as I am? JUst any advice to make me stop worrying would be good! Or just until my next appointment............
    Thank you!!!
  2. I'm just going to pipe in and say your OB would have probably said something if he/she were worried about that! But call back to ask if you are worried :heart:
  3. I'm not a medic so I am just giving my opinion, but if the doctor thinks it's OK then I hope it is. I don't think your baby is stuck there, just comfortable! Yes call them back to set your mind at ease, that's what they are there for.
  4. I can feel my baby stick to the right side a lot too, because the right side of my belly gets hard and stiff. When I press on my right side, he gives me a big kick back! If your doc isn't making a big deal out of it, then it probably isn't much to worry about. I'm pretty sure when the time comes to deliver she will move out of her comfy spot. Good luck and congrats! ;):yes:
  5. My baby is on the right as well. First baby was all over the place. Have you had an us? May be due to where your placenta is. If you're worried call your OB up and ask about it.
  6. If it were serious, I am sure that your OB would have said something. While I was pregnant I did notice that Julia preffered one side over the other (left)...Nobody ever said anything about it.

    Good luck! When are you due?
  7. hi , Monica, like everyone else says, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure if it was a real problem your doctor would have mentioned it. my baby was breach until about 36 weeks, then it turn round, only to go back to breach the following week! luckily its back to head down now but it just shows you your baby will be doing an awful lot more moving around yet.

    My midwife told me about some positions I should use to try & get me baby to lie on the left, with its back sort of pointing outwards, so that its easier for the birth(which is any day now!) I have to lie on my left side, not on my right. I find this very difficult cos the pressure makes my hips unbearable so I have to swtich throughout the night, but I always make sure that I lie only left side for a good 15-20 mins every morning before I get up. this was I feel the baby shift to hte left & it seems to stay there all day then. Also, try sitting forward, not leaning backwards, that also helps to move your baby into hte 'ideal' position.

    but honestly, I really wouldn't worry about it. When my baby was breach, they weren't too worried at all & said that there were plenty of ways to rectify this if it was still like that close to birth (including manual manipulation & accupuncture)
  8. ^ can I just recommend you keep doing that? I wasn't told that and my son was lying with the face to the front - that was for me the most painful aspect of the birth. won't go into details but I'd take contractions any day. they tried to turn him and at some point it seemed that that was the case but nope, had his own little mind... I ended up having a c-section bec he just wouldn't turn his head around my bone.

    generally, I was never told there was an issue with the position the baby takes in the cervix, to the left, right etc. it seemed my baby was turning whichever way he was comfy.... regardless of my intestines, haha. seriously, I am sure your doc would have said something.
  9. That's exactly what happened with my first. I ended up pushing for 3 hours. They tried to turn him and just about everything else. Good thing I had a powerfull epidural because I felt absolutley nothing. I ended up having a c-section too.
  10. My first pregnancy was labor from hell. Baby was head down but facing outward, what they called sunny side up. I had an epidural annd then petocin and I could feel EVERYTHING. All the contractions in the world couldn't get baby to go down into my pelvis since she was facing outwards. After more than 24 hours of this they wanted to give me a Csection. Thankfully I had an aswesome LD nurse who suggested laboring on my hands and knees (butt up). I am sure it wasn't at all pretty but it got baby to turn the right way. After 20-3o minutes of pushing she was out. All in all it was a 36 hour ordeal.
  11. thanks for the advice Lara! I'll certainly be following it!

    How are you now Monica?
  12. I wouldn't be worried about it too. Each pregnancy is different and if you are only 7 months along your baby still has plenty of time to get into position.

    If you want to start trying to turn your baby vertex you might find this website helpful. It lists tips, stretches, etc. that will encourage your baby to change its position.
  13. OK, now I feel ALOT more at ease! Thanks so much to all of you. I look and feel so lopsided when I look down at my huge basketball. I think I might be due next month, so hopefully she will move to the right place! I have a DR. appt. next week, so hopefully he the appointment will last longer than 15 minutes and I could ask him a few more questions.
    Thank you all!