Pregnancy has completely zapped my motivation at work...

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  1. I'm solidly into my second trimester now, and I don't know what this burst of energy is that everyone keeps talking about! My mom said she felt like she could move mountains in her second trimester. I feel like I could sleep all afternoon. Some days I swear I just sit here and stare at my computer, and I have no motivation to pick up a file and do anything productive. I do enough to get by, but it's all I can do. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. i felt that way my whole pregnancy...i was just exhausted the whole time. i actually think it was that way with all 3. i wanted to eat everything is sight [which i did hehehe] and then sleep. luckily i didn't work this last time around, so i got to be lazy for the most part.

    i honestly didn't like being pregnant...feeling the baby move was amazing, but everything else pretty much sucked. delivery was a breeze for me though with all of i guess that made up for the total of 27mths of torture :biggrin:
  3. Don't worry, you are not alone. Pregnancy is different for everyone and while I felt better during my second trimester, I did not get any burst of energy, the nausea just went away...mostly.

    I'm with ilovepinkhearts, pregnancy is not for me. I did not glow. I did not feel serene. I did not enjoy myself. I was large, cranky and tired.
  4. That's exactly how I feel! I was trying to explain this to a friend who's never been pregnant this morning, and I was like, I know I will love my baby to the ends of the earth, but I can honestly say being pregnant pretty much sucks! I just feel like a chunk-a-lunk. Hrpmh.

    But aside from my body image issues, I feel completely useless at work, which is not good since I'm a lawyer and responsible for a pretty big case load. Like today, I was actually somewhat productive this morning and managed to clear off maybe 1/3 of my desk, but now I am just stuck in the middle of a file. I don't even want to do it. I'm looking for any excuse to do something else. And I've been yawning straight since about 1pm.

    I have zero paid maternity leave, so I'm pretty much forced to work until the last possible day, so I can at least get paid my vacation time for a small portion of my leave. Staying home for a day to catch up on sleep is not an option, and it probably wouldn't help anyway. Anyone have any tips on how to get through work when staying home is not an option?
  5. My babies were both totally worth the agony, so just think about what you can look forward too.

    I'm not an attorney but I am a paralegal and know how you feel. What worked for me was napping during lunch. If you don't have a room in your office where you can sleep, try your car. Set your phone as an alarm. Also, as counterintuitive as it sounds, get up and move around a bit. It helped me wake up. Don't forget to drink a lot of water!
  6. I completely and totally lost all motivation at work as well. Its still gone...haha.
  7. The only thing that has given me energy so far is exercise. I'm doing a class of some kind 5 days a week now and feel good. But that is the only thing that works. I didn't go for three days and now I feel tired again. I'm drinking tons of water and eating a good amount of fruit and just trying really hard to keep up the exercise. I hope you start feeling better. I know being exhausted is awful. I don't like feeling so tired either.
  8. I do not have the luxury of zoning out at work so it sucks because I haven't exactly loved pregnancy either.

    So far I cope by getting a lot of sleep and zoning out as soon as I get home, all my energy is really just stored up to get through the work day. When I'm home I just nap, eat, nap some more, and don't worry too much about housework.
  9. I can relate.... my first trimester, I barely scraped by--I was so nauseated the whole time. Second trimester was better because the nausea started going away, but I never felt that "burst of energy"... just not as exhausted. Tired, but not so enormously fatigued. I make do with the minimum because I don't have the mental energy for creative/above & beyond stuff anymore.

    I gotta say I'm envious of those ladies who "glow" happily thru their pregnancies because I haven't really enjoyed any of it. It's mostly impatient toleration & looking forward to an actual baby. lol
  10. I use to go to the lounge in at my work downstairs and take 1/2 nap. Worked all the way until I was 9 months. I took my personal day and had the baby. I definately would not of made through the day...
  11. Just be thankful you have a job that allows you to sit at a desk and stare at a computer :smile: When I was pregnant I was thankful I didn't have a job where I would have to stand all day (e.g. retail)
  12. I'm currently in the last semester of my student teaching and I'm hating life. I'm only 9 weeks along and I feel like a giant piece of poop. I'm doing 50 hour weeks between teaching and university classes and I HATE everyone and everything. I'm expected to be energetic, creative and an all around amazing educator but what I want to be is a professional napper. I'm hoping to scrape through my program by the skin of my teeth (what a weird expression!). Anyway, work sucks when you're pregnant! Especially when you're an entertainer of sorts.
  13. I'm sorry I forgot to reply to this thread, I must have been staring blankly at the wall...:smile: I'm glad to know I'm not alone, but I'm sorry you guys are feeling unmotivated too. I've managed to get myself up early every day to continue going to the gym before work, which is a habit I've had for 10 years. I can't say whether it gives me energy or takes away energy. But I'll keep doing it because I feel like a semi truck, and at least I'm doing something to try and not gain so much weight.
  14. You're definitely not alone. I never had that "burst of energy" during pregnancy either. I was nauseous for the first 22 weeks and tired pretty much all the way through. I had a few good days here and there (where I felt semi-normal) but I didn't feel like myself again until after the baby was born.
    You may want to ask your doctor to check your iron level. At the end of my pregnancy, that's one of the reasons why I was so tired.
    Hang in there and try to get some rest when you can. :smile: Once the baby gets here, you'll experience a whole new level of "tired".