pregnancy gift help

  1. hello all,
    one of my good friends from work is 13 weeks pregnant but has been very ill since week 4. she has had a viral infection and lost a lot of weight, she started to bleed heavily 2 weeks ago with clots and thought she had lost the baby.
    yesterday she had a scan and amazingly baby is fine. but she needs to gain weight and she is aneamic and on bed rest.
    we work in a department store so i know she will get a ton of baby gifts when her little soldier is born so i thought it would be nice to put a hamper together full of pampering things for her while she is on bed rest.

    any ideas of what i can put in it?
  2. Oh my goodness, poor her to be on bedrest so early. It's really nice of you to think of doing something nice for her. Here are some ideas from me:
    - Do you know what her favorite types of fattening snacks are? I would get her some of those, since she needs to gain weight. Also something a little healthy, like dried fruit.
    - With her on bedrest, maybe the latest stash of trashy magazines and a couple of good books. I read a really cute, non-scary novel called Bed Rest that she might like (happy ending, mom and baby turn out fine).
    - Things to keep her occupied. If she likes sudoku or crossword puzzles or something like that, some books with those to keep her occupied would be great. Or a Nintendo game or whatever floats her boat.
    - Something girlie - maybe a manicure kit (check for toluene and formaldehyde free polish, like Nicole from OPI) or some nice aromatherapy hand cream. The manicure set would give her something to do as well while on bed rest.
    - Something to brighten up her bed rest area. If she's doing OK with smells and things, a nice candle. Or if not, maybe a potted flowering plant (orchids last a long time and come in lots of retty colors.)
    - A cute throw blanket or pajamas (depends on your budget on this - hopefully you get a discount at work that you can use.) Or fuzzy socks of some sort, for a more budget option.
    - Pretty stationary for her to write notes to people while she's laid up
    - A couple of little things: bendy straws or little umbrellas or something fun for her drinks, a lavender eye mask, maybe some nice herbal, caffeine free tea.

    I would say otherwise, just go visit her frequently and call to check in. She's probably bored, depressed, and scared, and can use some company more than anything else. Having problems that early would have to be terrifying. It's very nice of you to want to cheer her up.
  3. Precooked frozen dinners of some of her favorite foods. Most places are happy to make take out trays that go in the freezer. The last thing she needs to worry about is cooking and having these might help.
  4. maybe you can have a massage therapist to come to her house to give her a prenatal massage, or have a some girlfriends come and do a manicure/pedicure for her.