Pregnancy forums?

  1. What are the good pregnancy forums out there? I am TTC and looking for a community as great as tPF (in addition to, not in lieu of)!
  2. Hi,
    You can try Baby Center...they have tons of forums. Good luck :smile:
  3. Thanks! How funny that you say that one... I just registered :p.

    Are you active on it Aloha?
  4. I like Baby Center, but it seems like a tight core group of users, and it is hard to browse... I guess not everything can be as well organized as tPF!

    Any more suggestions?
  5. I never found one anywhere near as fab as tPF.
    I'm being completely honest.
    I tried Fertility Friend and ivillage and both were great for a month or 2 and then were nightmares, VERY dramatic and high-school feeling.
    Maybe they've changed:shrugs: it's worth a try.
  6. Have to say that I've never found a preg. board out there that was worth becoming a member of...I was a member of the LJ pregnancy groups, but stopped participating after some catty drama
  7. Hormones, huh :shrugs:.

    I'll just ask you guys my questions...:p. Although none right now... taking htp tomorrow :sweatdrop:...
  8. *Baby dust*!!!! :biggrin:

    Yeah, some of these women got into the BIGGEST fights about the smallest things. I remember one vividly. Somebody said they wanted to name their kid Chahlsy, somebody said it was a stupid name, and then *BAM*, the whole forum exploded into a sea of pregnant women calling eachother names :rolleyes:
  9. :bagslap:

  10. Good luck with the test!!!!

    They have a TTC subforum that is full of supportive and nice women. Try it.
  12. ^^ Oh, thats a good one. Thanks!
  13. Just wanted to wish you luck.

    I don't have a ton of input into the pregnancy boards - I think with my first I was a member of babycenter, but they've changed the format and now I find it hard to navigate. I also remember feeling like it was very "clique-ish," - some women seemed to get tons of support, others (like myself) would post something and no one would ever respond. Come to think of it, that's why up until tpf, I really didn't do the "online community" thing!

    Anyway, sending baby dust your way . . .
  14. I use baby center for their weekly updates on my prenancy and log into the forums there but don't actively participate. Like someone mentioned navigation is not the bet there. If an issue with my pregnancy arises I do do a search there to see what everyone else has experienced. Good luck!
  15. Maybe you could put something in the Feedback Dropbox asking for a seperate Pregnancy and Birth section. (It could be a subsection of Health & Fitness.)