pregnancy and shape

  1. Hi!
    What's your program to stay in shape?
    I'm eating more in this period, I can't do aerobic exercises... so the hips increase....
  2. Swimming and antenatal pilates! I only put on 8kg for my pregnancy, and my baby was born 3.36kg!
  3. i gained 26 lbs during pregnancy...and i ate like a pig and didnt exercise that much. i suggest walking walking and more walking...:smile:

  4. Antenatal pilates exercises:graucho:? May you post someone?
  5. Walking, walking, walking.
    I need to do something else though....
    I am going to sign up for prenatal yoga.
    I'm sure that will make me feel less fat.
  6. Is it just your hips? Lucky you. :tup:
  7. Can you still use universial machines/weights? Or is it that you just don't really have the energy when you are pregnant?
  8. i am not sure about the question above. i think each pregnancy is different and so is everyone's body. my body reacts to my pregnancy really well. i didnt gain much anywhere else but my tummy and you cant tell i was pregnant when looking from behind.

    with all that said, you need to choose what works the best for you. i am also a registered dietitian, so i ate really well during my pregnancy so that helped.

    walking is the best esp. towards the end of your pregnancy; it helps speed up labor. i was only really in labor for 7 hrs and it's pretty fast considering it was my first born.

    good luck!
  9. I'm doing yoga and walking a lot. I've gained about 9 pounds so far.
  10. Tabby, I just don't have it in me....
    They don't lie when they tell you that you will be tired. I can't imagine using even small weights much less getting ready to go to a gym:sad:
  11. :yahoo::yahoo: A dietitian!! Expect lots of questions now!

    Starting with protein. Had to watch my carbs pre preg or I put on too much weight.
    I am in 8th week now and all I want to eat are carbs. The thought of putting a piece of chicken in my mouth grosses me out.:yucky: I seem to be living on bread, crackers, cream cheese, peanut butter and eggs. What else can Ieat to make me feel full for a while? And should I reduce my carbs?? I am starting to pack it on.........Help:confused1:
  12. I'm not sure where you are, but here's my contact:

    I agree that walking lots help, unless you have a condition which puts you at risk for premature labor. I walked A LOT during my last days and had a very very easy labor - only 2 hours and 20 min for first and second stage, which is incredible for a first birth.

    ps. there was also a ancient Chinese secret for easy labor which I tried religiously - to drink coconut water every other day during the 3rd trimester.
  13. I rotate between walking 3 miles every morning or 3.5 miles on eliptical. I've only skipped about 4 days since the second trimester started, but two of those days have been this week because I have had horrible body aches. I also started prenatal yoga last week... it doesn't feel like it's "exercise" to me, but just enjoy the deep stretching. I can't bring myself to do weights either though. There's lots of hills by my house so just the last stretch of the walk to me sometimes makes me feel like giving up!! It's hard moving around with this extra weight!!

  14. The hips more than the rest... but also the legs are becoming slack...:sad:

  15. i did drink alot of coconut water during my 3rd trimester without knowing the ancient chinese secret:smile:

    walking helps because i only pushed for less than an hour and my baby was born. stunning 9.5 lbs :p

    i am 14 days postpartum and i have 10 lbs left from going back to my original shape.