Pregnancy and parenting issues sub-forum

  1. Just a thought.. since we have a close community here.. it would be a good idea to share pregnancy issues and parenting :idea:
  2. I love this idea. I don´t use the money, ebay, trading, tips etc forums that much, but this would be great!
  3. All great ideas... I will run it by Vlad
  4. Wanted to bump this request for a Pregnancy Subforum in Health & Fitness. The pregnancy forums elsewhere just don't compare to tPF in terms of quality of people, ease of use and organization.

    To the next generation of tPFers! :dothewave:
  5. I think that pregnancy is good enough for the Health Subforum, and the children part is good enough for the General Forum. Now, if the new subforum could be "Family" in general, it wouldn't exclude those of us who have no interest in parenting or pregnancy, but would include everyone as we all pretty much have families, whether they are step children, biological children, neices, boyfriends, husbands, parents, etc., and we'd all have something to contribute. I think that would be more appropriate. Some forum members have items of discussion that pertain to all aspects of family life, not just pregnancy, so it seems that would work out better. And I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I live with my BF, we don't intend to get married, etc., but I consider him to be my "family" nontheless. I'm sure that those of us who aren't in traditional marriage/biological children relationships feel the same way...

    I just noticed that this thread hadn't been active since November of last year. Was it because a pregnancy subforum was determined to be too marginal?
  6. ^^While I respect your opinion for wanting a more inclusive subforum, the whole idea of a subforum is to give a smaller group a place to share info.

    When you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or caring for newborns, toddlers, etc. it is nice to have support and get questions answered during such an exciting, anxious and worriesome time.

    My intent was to lessen the buren of people who are not interested in pregnancy and parenting (such as yourself) by having a subforum, instead of all those threads that deal with the subject clogging the health and fitness forum.

  7. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: this idea...

    Please Vlad.... PLEASE! :flowers:
  8. I would love this!

    Please please pleaseeeeeeeeee?
  9. I would like this as well!
  10. I agree.
  11. Yes, I think one for Family (w/ Preg & parenting included) would be nice too!
  12. Let us think it over/best way to do it.

    Maybe a family section would be good.

    We are adding a relationship subforum today- just need to finish moving threads and get it up. Would it be family as a whole, and relationship as its sub forum? Thoughts?
  13. Vlad wants to start with a 'relationship advice' supforum- and then go from there!

    We are long over due for that! :yes:

    But I know how many mommies, families, etc are here- so let me push for that too!!
  14. Thanks Meg! I would love to see a pregnancy forum as I don't want those not interested in family/kids/conceiving/pregnancy related issues to have to scroll through tons of threads related to that.

    As a current "preggo" who only frequents this board due to the lack of supportive forums elsewhere (even those dedicated solely to ttc), I would love to have a subforum of tpf devoted to pregnancy and child raising, etc.