Pregnancy and DANDRUFF??

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  1. Did anyone else develop dandruff during their pregnancy? I've never had a problem with it before, but from about 20 weeks on, my scalp has been dry and itchy like crazy :sad:

    Any remedies? Are OTC dandruff shampoos safe to use during pregnancy?
  2. I have had this problem. It might be because you need to drink a little bit more water, this is what has been the problem with me before. I don't know if the shampoos are ok because drinking extra fluids has alwyas helped me. I also have a brush that you can get a walmart or target. It has copper bristles that help prevent dandruff.:smile:
  3. I got that too. I had to stop washing my hair every day. In fact, sometimes I'd even wash it every 3rd day! After a week or so, the flaky scalp was gone. Unfortunately, shortly after delivery, I got my regular hair back and have to wash it every day again. (And now it's falling out like crazy!)
  4. I did with my first 2 pregnancys. With my third I had super greasy hair. It went back to normal after the birth of the babies.
  5. I haven't had dandruff, but I've been extremely dry! And my hair is shedding a ton (although I certainly have hair to spare!), so I too have skipped the everyday wash.
  6. ^^^ You could send me some of the hair you don't need! Mine is always pretty fine. When I was pregnant, it pretty much stopped falling out. Now, I'm in hypershed or something. I have actually started feeling bad that I get so annoyed with our shedding dog! I swear I'll be bald by summer!