Pregnancy all around

  1. Hi

    I am 25, married and no plans for children at this stage. This is something that I have always pondered. To those of you ladies who desperately would like to be pregnant and who have wonderful homes and support networks, does it infuriate you when you see people like Nicole Ritchie and even know about everyday people less fortunate then yourself who had (or seemed to have) no plans for children and who treat their bodies with such disrespect fall pregnant at the snap of there fingers??

    I would have to say my personal opinion is that it sucks. It sucks for all those who truly want to have children and the joy they bring, but are unable to for whatever reason. It sucks for to see how unfair life can be some times.

    My husbands family know this 15 yr old girl who lives up the street who is not socially, mentally , monetary able to care for the child, and just made a mistake and bang was pregnant.

    This makes me wonder if and when my husband and I start to try for family will we be in the having trouble basket as we would one to love and take care of the child in the best possible way.

    Sorry if this was long or i was rambling, it is just my thoughts and something that i have been thinking about a lot lately.

    Thanks for you opinion, may put me at ease:smile::smile:
  2. It used to bother me but not as much anymore. I remember feeling that way when Britney Spears first got pregnant. I guess I got used to the one "not pregnant". The one at the party with no kids. I found I couldn't join in conversations because most centered around children, day care, etc. It was pretty hard on DH and I for awhile. We had to learn how to let it not bother us and know that people didn't mean to say dumb things. Now we don't feel obilgated to go to all the children's parties and most are understanding of that.

    Some people say that things happen for a reason. Lately I've been thinking that if we do get prego, that we will be so much more appreciative of the gift we have than if it was easier. DH and I have been pretty lucky in life that we have our health, great families and friends and haven't had any true hardships until TTC for the last 3 years. My mom tells me the harder the squeeze, the sweeter the juice. So I keep holding on to the thought that all things happen for a reason and DH and I will be parents one day. And if not, that we have each other and this has made us stronger and closer.

    Sorry to ramble on and get so emotional...I am on hormones ya know:p