Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck...?

  1. Hi, Just wondering I had a tummy tuck nearly 3 years ago after having a third baby girl...thing is i think i would like to go again am 35 so fell its now or never...has any one heard of anyone having a baby after a tuck...i had the full monty ...muscles stitched back and 4 inches of skin to hear from you guys...:yes:
  2. i've never had tummy tuck myself, but googled it and found this:

    During pregnancy this abdomen area that was involved in tummy tuck surgery stretches to accommodate the growing fetus. The muscles that were tightened during plastic surgery tummy tuck can separate again during pregnancy. The skin that is re-stretched may not return to normal proportions again.

    That being said, the newborn baby's health is generally not complicated because of abdominiplasty surgery. Consider this, caesarian (c) section surgery is much more invasive than tummy tucks because c-sections cut into your uterus whereas tummy tucks do not.

    Although most plastic surgeons and specialists agree that it is best to have this surgery performed after you are finished with having children for optimal results, there are many women who do have pregnancies after tummy tuck surgery without experiencing any problems throughout the whole procedure. It is common for the surgical abdominal muscle repair to become sore, but loosening of these muscles do not always occur, and with today's advancing plastic surgery technologies, it is rare to have permanent damage after pregnancy.

    i got this from this link
  3. Thank you so much...Thought i was on my own here....Really appreciate it...:smile:
  4. Of course, talk to your doctor about this before making a decision.
  5. I think we should ask Tori Spelling or the tons of other celebs who have prob had tummy tucks and then gotten preg again...
  6. Talked to my doc..He said go for it.......:tup:
  7. just saw this. . . was going to say it's fine but you may need another TT!
  8. Swanky,Do you know of anyone who has gone thru this...?
  9. some girls on a twins forum. . . can't remember if they ended up going back for a revision after birth though.
  10. I just saw this thread and I'm glad your doctor says it's fine, OP!

    I had a TT 2 years ago. My plastic surgeon said that there are different types of TTs. Apparently there is one he does where they literally sew your abdominal muscles together to keep them super-tight, and another where they do that, but with a dissolving stitch so that pregnancy after TT will be easier. Since I was 28, never married, no kids, but hadn't been sterilized, he said it would be professionally irresponsible of him not to assume that one day I might WANT kids (I didn't at the time), and therefore recommended that my surgery be done with the dissolving stitch so that if I ever did become pregnant, my abdomen wouldn't be restricted. It didn't sound like the other TT version would have made pregnancy impossible or risky, but it did sound like it might be less convenient. Anyway, being married now and having changed my mind on having kids, I'm glad my PS took the time to really explain things to me.
  11. My aunt had 3 kids and got an awesome tummy tuck. She had gained a lot of weight during all the pregnancies, especially considering that she is typically about a size 4. Anyway, she ended up having a 4th child after the TT. They did a c-section(her 1st c-sec not sure if TT caused it to be nec) at 7 1/2 months for many reasons and I believe the TT was one of the influencing factors among other health problems. Anyway, her stomach actually looks great now, almost exactly like it did when she first had the tummy tuck. But then again taking the baby early may have helped (her stomach) not the baby. The baby is also fine now.
  12. Alot of celebrities doing what is called a C-Tuck. C-section then tummy tuck. If you have had c-sections before then I think that would be the only way to go anyways. Hopefully, you do not have to do another tt is you go through with it. I am dying to have a TT but I am debating because I only have 2 kids and still young and unsure on having more. Good luck.
  13. i saw your posting about having a tummy tuck at 28 and then having a baby and would really like to hear from you. I am in a similiar sitiuation and am very scared about becoming pregnant. My ps used a permanent suture but i had her pull it out after. Can you please tell me if your pregnancy was difficult. Did you deliver by c-section or naturally? Did it take you along time to recover from your tummy tuck when you first had it? Also, can you please tell me are you still numb? AND tight? I am very scared please respond thank you and congratulations on your baby boy Sincerely,
  14. Hi, rightright...

    I had a perfect pregnancy. NO problems whatsoever! I did deliver by c-section - it was my choice, but my OB agreed that a scheduled c-section would be safer than an emergency c, in the event I began labor and couldn't deliver vaginally. Because of my pelvic structure, family history of female problems and family history of large-ish babies, we decided that a scheduled c was the way to go.

    I'm 7 weeks post-delivery now. I have a little flap of skin that sits on top of my TT and CS scars (Jenny McCarthy calls it a fat shelf in her new mom book, which I think is a riot!). (My c-section scar is right below (almost touching) my TT scar.) I'm sure that skin will go away as my abdomen continues to tighten up. I do have more feeling in my stomach than I did pre-pregnancy, not sure why. My stomach is actually flatter now than it was before I got pregnant - I was fortunate not to gain any weight during pregnancy, due to the fact that I was carrying a little extra weight to begin with, and I started eating healthier, cut out alcohol and other empty calories and was on my feet all the time.

    The only "thing" was that because of my TT, I did not show as quickly as many other women. It was actually good, though, because I was 4 months pregnant and looking for a job! It wasn't until I was about 7 months that people who didn't know me could tell that I was pregnant. The great thing, though, was that I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans up until my delivery day - I just bought a couple of Bella Bands and used those so I wouldn't have to button the top button. When I wasn't working, I wore maternity clothes before I needed them and lots of tops that said "expecting baby" "baby bump" etc., because I wanted the world to know! My doctors said that my TT was likely making me carry differently than other women. But in doing that, I think my son was sitting against my stomach, rather than my bladder, because I didn't have to pee constantly, and I was rarely hungry.

    If you're worried, have your doctor examine you or check with the PS who did your TT. I think you'll be fine!

    Good luck!
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    hi guys, check this out. i had a tummy tuck 14 months ago and now i am 6.5 mos pregnant. i found this girl on youtube that has videos of her pregnancy week by week, she also had a tummy tuck prior and she had her baby 2 weeks ago, her tummy is really flat. hey username is wavey1490 on youtube. hope that helped cuz it did help me.