Preggy or NOT?

  1. i have a co worker/friend here that is thinking if shes preggy or not.

    she said that her last period was at the end of July.

    she went to a fertitily dr and they did a inside ultrasound the close to the end of August. Dr wanted her to come back after her next period (which was suppose to come the week after )to do the HSG. Period never came in August so she hasnt called the dr.

    Now on Spet 10th she got some spotting and it wasnt her actual period. only when she wiped thats when the spotting would come. Now its the end of the month and still no period.

    i dont know what to tell her. she doesnt know to many people here in the US

    what could it be PREGGY or NOT???
  2. Has she actually taken a pregnancy test yet?

    Not having a period since July is a long time to go without one and not be pregnant. Tell her to take a test first, then call the doctor if it comes out negative to see what's going on.
  3. I just asked her about the HPT and she has not taken a test yet.
  4. why not? That's the only way to know for sure:yes:
  5. I don't understand why she hasn't tested yet. Is she afraid to find out? In any case, testing is the only way to know for sure.
  6. She should obviously test. Even if she's afraid to find out, she should know for the sake of the baby. Taking prenatal vitamins, for instance, is very important throughout pregnancy, but particularly so during the first trimester!
    Support her by encouraging her to test ASAP!
  7. Why would her doctor not give her a preg. test her before sending her for an ultrasound?
  8. Tell her to take a test!!!!!
  9. annab is your fren concerned abt something? July is a long way off, so she shld take a home pregnancy test...its pretty simple and reliable...quite cheap too I spose. You mentioned she doesn't know too many ppl in the States? Perhaps tt's why she's reluctant, she just needs some encouragement from frens or perhaps even from you as her colleague.
    If you don't mind & if she doesn't either, perhaps you cld accompany her to the pharmacy/drugstore to get the test kit. You might even ask her if she needs you to be ard when she tests; say if its at the office washroom etc. JMHO, its always nice to have company & supprt during these times. & you come across as a caring colleague! so nice of you!!
  10. just to add if hpt is negative but her period has still not arrive maybe she should do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. i read that sometimes hpt might not test for positive eventhough the girl is pregnant.
  11. She should take the HPT and go see the doctor either way. If it's positive, to get confirmation and start getting the appropriate care. If it's negative, to start figuring out what's going on and why she hasn't gotten her period.

    Just an aside, I don't get these "Do you think I'm pregnant?" people who ask their friends instead of taking a test. Do they actually think they'll get a reliable, accurate answer?