Preforated Speedy????


Jan 5, 2006
Ladies, for some reason I have not bothered to check the price of the new speedy that LV has created. I didn't because it was not my cup of tea. But as I was looking at eluxury today, I noticed that they have it as part of their new arrivals section on the site. And to my astonishment.... its $1,200!!!???? WHAT???? HELL NO. Ladies I love LV. BUT DAMN!!!!??? That is ridiculous!!!!

I don't think it's too far out there. I mean, look at the MC speedy, it's 1710$. Last year's cerises 25 was 995 versus the 540$ for a regular one.

Louis Vuitton just really knows how to make wallets part with money !
I like the new perforated line, but what I didn't like about the Speedy is that the outside pocket isn't centered, it's sort of off to one side. Another thing about it is the brass lock is a decoration and doesn't DO anything but hang there. On the Musette and Demi Lune the lock acts as a closure for the leather strap. I ordered the Demi Lune and should be getting it tomorrow. I probably won't use it until late spring as I consider these bags to be seasonal. I already have the Cerises Speedy 25, and the perforated one is a 30 - not my size preference, anyway. The Demi Lune only comes in orange and I'm not getting the matching wallet. I plan on using my Cerises wallet with the perforated bag.
Yeah it is way too much. But, oh well I am sure maybe a year from now eBay sellers will be making a mint of them when they're discontinued.

I only like the smaller items.