Preffered method of securing coins in wallet

  1. Hi there!

    My question is this:

    What is your prefered method for securing coins in your wallets? Why?

    I see a lot of zippers, a lot of the metal frames with the two buttons that snap together, and some pockets with a flap that tucks underneath a strap sewn to the front of the pocket (hope that makes sense).

    Are the flaps that tuck under strap secure? Do coins find their way out of that if the flap works loose?

    Also- the coin area: inside the wallet, or outside so it can be accessed without unsnapping/unzipping the wallet?

  2. From experience, I prefer the zippers because I get this sense that it is more secured (kind of like a Ziplock bag lol). But yeah, it does get quite lame as far as looks are concerned because lots and lots of wallets have that style. But personally, I'd go for that sense of security.

    As for the coin area, I prefer it to be on the outside for easier access.
  3. From my experience, zippers are the most secure. Metal frames tend to make a wallet heavier and are rigid and hard to manipulate sometimes, not to mention that they can get stuck. Coin compartments with a flap that tucks underneath a strap as well as those with a snap closure are not secure. I have had coins fall out from the sides with both. Therefore, I now only buy wallets with zippered coin compartments. Having the compartment outside makes it very accessible plus even with a lot of coins, one would still be able to close the wallet properly. Having the coin compartment inside also works especially if the wallet is very easy to open. I just bought a wallet that is a checkbook style (so it just opens like a book) and the coin compartment is inside and I have been pleased with this arrangement so far.
    Sorry if this was long but I have suffered my fair share of problems with coins flying everywhere at the most inopportune moments. I hope this helps!
  4. zipper
  5. Another vote for zipper.

    I actually use a zippered coin purse most of the, some cash, and the coins. Don't often carry a checkbook.
  6. Thanks for the responses- all are very much appreciated!

    I will keep checking back to see if anyone else has voiced (typed) an opinion. :smile:

  7. I use a Cles.. it's easiest for me to get change that way and not make my wallet so bulky.
  8. I prefer zipper. I tend to accumulate a lot of change and my other wallet had an outer snap area for the coins and it would get overstuffed and burst occasionally...big coin mess in my bag. No problems with the inner zipper on my new wallet!
  9. Right now I'm using a MJ clutch for a wallet and I've been putting coins in one of the loose flaps on the inside. Not the best idea, because they always end up all over my wallet. I need to get a cute little coin purse. Zippers are definitely the way to go.
  10. I always get a wallet that has the zipper. I don't use it for coins though. Actually, I always take the loose change out of my bag daily and put it in a can that we have. I hate dealing with it, and I never count exact change out. Just a pet peeve for some reason.

    The fun part is that about every 5 or 6 weeks I take it to the bank and I have an extra $100. So, that works out great, like found money.
  11. Zipper, preferably on the outside. But I never get a chance to put my change away, so it just ends up in the bottom of my purse.
  12. I carry a separate coin purse. It's a vintage one I got from my grandma (it belonged to her mum, so go figure!). It's in great shape, black leather with a MJ stam-like clasp. I love it!! And I don't have the trouble of my change slipping out.
  13. I prefer zipper. Though my PTI has a snap closure, and I've never had a problem with it.
  14. Zippers on the outside!
  15. I carry a seperate cute little Radley (one with the Scottie) coin purse with a zipper and I stuff all my money in that.