Preferred Repair Soles Thickness - POLL


Given the choice, what thickness of replacement Red sole would you prefer?

  1. 1.8mm

  2. 1.0mm

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  1. I did ask this question on another thread but did not know how to set up a Poll at the time. So, forgive me for asking the question again. I would be very grateful if those who responded to the original thread could also complete this poll :flowers:

    The Question/Poll:

    I know a number of members were unhappy with red soles they purchased which were nearly 3mm thick. I think the general opinion was they were more appropriate for heavy boots, rather than designer ladies shoes.

    My question is, given the choice, would you prefer the thinner 1.8mm soles or an extremely thin 1mm sole?

    In making a choice between the two you need to remember that any new sole will initially wear off it's top, patterned, surface far quicker than the bulk of the sole material. Therefore, the thickness will reduce slightly after a few outings.

    So what I'm really asking is, would you prefer the thinnest (1mm) sole, which will hardly show but need more frequent trips to the cobbler OR the slightly thicker (1.8mm) sole, which will show slightly more until it has been worn a little?

    Obviously, the thinnest (1mm) material will mean you will have to trust your precious Louboutins to the cobbler more often :sweatdrop:

    I did ask my local cobbler about the two choices and he recommended the 1.8mm, but then again he does not own any CL shoes :lol:
  2. Please add comments if you wish.
  3. I would go for the thicker one. The 1mm would wear off to fast and need to be replaced.
  4. I voted for the thicker 1.8mm one. Lasts longer!
  5. Yes I would think that the 1.8mm would be better. The less trips to the cobbler the better!
  6. 1.8
  7. Ummmm... this thread is from 2008.
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