Preferred Image Hosting Service?

  1. I've been dabbling with eBay sales for the past couple of months and have been using Auctiva to manage my listings. I stumbled upon it searching on eBay. Anyway, time is a high commodity in my house & I don't have a lot of time to search on the internet and really READ anything and when I do, I prefer to read TPF :yes:.

    So, I see a bunch of you are seasoned eBay Pros and maybe you can shed some light on some other route I should check into for listing services. Thanks a bunch! :sweatdrop:
  2. I use photobucket to host my photos.
  3. I like Auctiva - suits my needs just fine.
  4. I use Auctiva also.
  5. I use photobucket.
  6. I use Inkfrog, which gives me image hosting, plus a gallery on listings, a listing tool with tons of free templates, free scheduled listings and much more. It's $9.95 a month. I don't even know what Auctivia costs (if anything), so I don't know how that compares. Inkfrog also gives you a lot of post-auction reporting and management, including inventory management which would be great if you had multiples of the same thing, but I don't.
    You can also send winning bidder emails right from there, and auto-relist if you choose, etc.
    I really like it.
  7. wow, thanks! Auctiva costs nothing but I will check out this inkfrog thing - thanks!!!:yes:
  8. Auctiva! Definitely the best and FREE (wow, something is free connected to ebay!?!)
  9. I like Auctiva myself as you can use the pretty templates and other items for free versus all that mess that Ebay charges.
  10. I've been using photobucket but their website is often super slow lately. Will check Auctiva!
  11. Wow, no one has mentioned ImageShack! I like it since you can download their add-on that sits right in your browser. It makes for very easy uploading.

    I tried to use Auctiva but I had issues with their uploading and steered clear.
  12. Too many problems with ImageShack... lots of their links contain ads. I worked on a forum for many years and when people used ImageShack for their siggies, more often than not they were clickable siggies that had ads embeddded in them. I wouldn't recommend them.
  13. when you use photobucket, which link do you use?
    Email & IM
    Direct Link
    HTML Tag
    IMG Code

  14. I use Auctiva. Auctiva also has a cool feature that allows you to prevent others from saving your photos as their own. I always use it for my auctions. It's not automatic though; you have to select the feature.
  15. I don't know what "siggies" you are talking about or what that is but I use that site for everything from ebay to craigslist to other forums i'm a part of and have never had any problems (unless they're updating the site). Its free, its easy to use, and if you sign up (free also) then you also get a (limited) gallery and it loads faster than other free photo sites i've used in the past. you can even make your pictures have bling or link them all together in a self moving album. i love it.:tup:

    oh and none of my images have ever had ads. there are different ways to link from them fyi