Preferred Customer Event...heads up.

  1. I was told by my favorite SA that it is the week after Thanksgiving. So start watching your mailboxes!
  2. How do you get to be a preferred Customer? I hope that's not a stupid question!
  3. spend alot of dough with em.^^^
  4. Hmmmmm. I just went upstairs to count them...I Have 14 Coach Bags. I guess I need to buy more! :nuts:
  5. KKKKate if you do a search for this a few threads will come up, infact there is one further down (25% in the title) that has some links.
  6. Thank you - I've read some of the posts and I think I need to develop a new shopping tatic. (or would that be skill?)

    Here's how I shop at Coach. 1st Choice Order from web site. No interaction with sales people necessary.

    If unsure about bag go to Coach Store - barrel past the women in black and white - avoid making eye contact - go directly to bag in question. Purchase or leave.

    To shop at the outlet - walk in behind a group of people - avoiding eye contact with anyone dressed in black and white circle store a couple of times - when the people in black and white start introducing themselves (because you are holding 2 pairs of gloves a bag and a wristie) and asking if they can help you find anything - pay and leave right away!

    I can see - maybe I should actually talk to the people dressed in black and white.
  7. lmao. That's totally me too. Oh well.
  8. cool! can any of the SAs confirm this? I'm waiting on a giftcard and want to make sure it comes before then. :biggrin:
  9. I'm telling BF to watch out for it.
  10. Hopefully I'll get one this time, I haven't really been shopping lately at the boutiques only for accessories. I've been buying my bags from the outlets.Since it's the holidays maybe they will send it to everyone in there system (great present from Coach letting us customers know they apprehiate us all) instead of the minimum dollars spent in the previous quarter.
  11. I hope I get one. I'm going to lose faith in coach if I don't. First my mutilated bag and then not getting a 25 percent off coupon after I've spent thousands there.
  12. I probably will this time...I've probably dropped $1000 at the boutique since September....but I'm not supposed to be SHOPPING!
  13. I am so hoping to get one but I am afraid that I blew it a few years ago. I got one a few years back and didn't use it so I never got another one (but I also didn't spend much at Coach boutiques after that, either). I spent over $500 since September so maybe I've redeemed myself and they'll give me another chance. :s
  14. if i spent close to 400 in august, 170 in sept., and close to 800 with the previous coupon in june, do you think i'll get one?
  15. I believe they are sent out randomly. But if you are close with your sa and do not get one they may let you slide