Preferred color of carnelian???

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just curious, which is your preferred color of carnelian? I have two sweet bracelets and they are different in color; one is a darker red and one is a brighter red. Looking at them, I can't decide!
  2. I like true red carnelian, as red as possible and I prefer it without orange undertones.
    I have a sweet carnelian bracelet too and it has a really nice shade of red.
    But it is a matter of personal taste. You should go for what you love and what works best for you ;).
  3. I love it all.
    Most of mine is very red although I did purchase a brighter red pair of sweets for my daughter.
    They just seemed more youthful/ happy.
  4. Very true!!! When I went I didn't even think to ask for more than one option, I was just so happy to get my bracelet!
  5. Aww so sweet to treat your daughter!
  6. I love the dark rich almost hermes red...
  7. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I know nothing about carnelian. Can it ever have bluish undertones? Or is it always pure red/orange-red?
  8. I've seen carnelian that is very opaque and almost an Oxblood red. Great question!
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  9. Thank you, TGG!

    Oooooooh, wouldn't an oxblood carnelian/yg single motif pendant be gorgeous?!? I think I need something like that!!!
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  10. IMG_1478146150.840015.jpg IMG_1478146165.596698.jpg IMG_1478146182.832140.jpg
    Dark red here
    A good match to Hermes China Red Clic H
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  12. IMG_1478151530.117591.jpg
    Thank you !!
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  13. Beautiful TT!!!! are those vintage size or magic carnelian earrings?
  14. Gorgeous! Mine has strong orange hues - but I dont really have preference. Theyre so rich and beautiful either way.
  15. Vintage size
    Sort of really love these
    Very understated
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