Preemie~Mom and Baby need your prayers!

  1. I am asking for good thoughts and prayers for a scary situation that my son's teacher and her family are going through right now.

    She is about to become a grandma to a 25.5 week old baby, her daughter-in-law's doctors say most likely by the end of the week. :amazed: Her amniotic fluid has been leaking for weeks now, and they have been able to hold her off until now without infection, but feel she won't stay in much further.

    Please keep N. (not sure if I can divulge their names) and baby G. in your prayers. Grandma told me the doctors say she is healthy and strong...doing flips and being very active in utero. :tup:

    Thank you all! :tender:
  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for mom and baby. My thoughts and well wishes are with them:flowers:
  3. Sending good thoughts and prayers their way!
  4. Thank you far so good! :tup:
  5. Sending prayers for mama and baby!!!! Please keep us updated!
  6. OMG how scary! I'll keep them in my prayers!!
  7. My prayers for both mother and child. God bless.....
  8. sending my prayers too...
  9. my prayer will go to their entire family. best wishes to them.
  10. I talked to his teacher today. So far, so good!! :yahoo:

    Mom was moved off of the labor and delivery floor, so that is a good sign!

    Tomorrow she will be 26 weeks, and the docs are hoping to go at least until 28 weeks. If I am remembering correctly, her water first started leaking about 3 weeks ago. She is doing pretty darn good! :yes:

    Your thoughts and prayers are helping!! :tender::tender::tender:
  11. My prayers to everyone as well. I did a little bit of research and it looks like after 25 weeks, survival rates are quite good, though of course it's still not easy. I'm glad baby & mom are hanging in there so far!!
  12. Thank you!! :tup::heart::tup:
  13. sending prayers also..amazing that she has zero infection as yet..praying and visualizing that the amnionic and chorionic membranes will slip against each other like 2 layers of saran wrap and seal off their leak..even 2 more weeks would be so tremendous for baby.
  14. Praying everything goes well! Keep us updated!
  15. I'll say a prayer for them.......keep us updated!!