Predictions for Possible COACH Xmas gifts?

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  1. Alrighty, so we had the thread dedicated to our COACH Xmas lists, does anyone have some predictions about what they might actually be getting, or might have actually gotten already?!?

    And admit it, ladies... what have you bought YOURSELF for Xmas? :graucho:

    I think I'm getting something from my boyfriend, but I'm not sure what yet. I dragged his poor self to the Midnight Madness at the outlet, and now he has the lingo down (I even caught him trying to describe a mini skinny to his friend!). I'm going to predict something from the line of purple/orange houndstooth stuff. I'm really hoping for the satchel. Haha!
  2. Well, I bought myself 2 wristlets and i think my aunt is getting me another one!
  3. Mom was supposed to have bought the legacy stripe hair scarf and the legacy stripe ipod case.

    Asked stepmom for katy tote, a new cell lanyard, and the longer black leather gloves. Normally my dad won't let her buy me coach for christmas (its not okay to spend $300 on a purse - but he lets her buy me a $1300 computer)...but I'm hoping since I sent her my PCE invite she uses it to buy some of the stuff I asked for.
  4. SCORE! I find myself buying myself a lot of things this season, too. Hehe
  5. Do you currently use one of the lanyards? I was considering buying one but really wasn't sure.

    Sounds like a darn good list to me!
  6. i bought myself flats and the embossed wristlet.
    and looking for the lurex wristlet and exchange my lurex framed for the satin framed.
    now I am looking for a bigger wristlet, and if i can find the striped wristlet great, if i cant then I may get the bigger embossed. but I would really like something beaded, but its not a need, just something i want to want LOL. maybe the skinny..

    and now im thinking gloves! depends whats cheaper, the mj boutique only ones or these if i can get the 25% off.
  7. I hinted at a signature wristlet, signature mini skinny and the cute little moon charm. I'd love to get the black on black legacy flap or hampton book tote but I don't think that'll happen! I can dream though! So, I guess it's not a prediction but a few wishes! :graucho:
  8. Im going to get the Coach Soho Leather hobo in brown.Because i have so much black and another wrislet in brown.Im going to merry xmas myself with these items.:yes:
  9. The only reason why I'm calling mine a prediction is because I overheard him trying to describe something to a male friend of his and once I found something I REALLY wanted he was all, "You can't buy anything Coach for a while!" He's not a good secret-keeper. :love:
  10. How about giving? - I LOVE giving purses! My sister in law is getting a holiday patchwork tote :yahoo: I'm SO excited about giving it to her! I organized the gifting of her first coach bag last year - a gold sig C hobo. And I found out that she purchased a black pouch bag that is very cute, not sure of the name - has two pockets on the front. And now she'll have a brown one.
  11. Right on! hehe!
  12. I've been waiting for xmas season, for the sales and everything, so now is my turn to treat myself!
  13. queenmab! That's so sweet!! Geez, wanna adopt me? LOL! JK! I'd like to get my mom a bag for Christmas! Her only Coach bag is one she found at a Goodwill. Nice bag and a great price! It'd be fun to surprise her with something new though that no one else has ever owned! :yes:
  14. just ordered the striped fold over wristlet and flint gloves! so i can cross that off my list! oh how i love the holidays LOL!
  15. i forsee myself getting a couple of wristlets...i love them in all dif colors to go with anything i may wear when going out.