Prediction Time: What is the IT bag for Spring 2007?

  1. Oddly enough I have not heard a lot of buzz about the IT bags this spring like last year when the beloved Muse, Gaucho, and Luxury Line (and you bag fanatics all know who the designers are I don't even need to tell you). Am I alone holding my credit card, unsure of what do do? What is the new IT for Spring?

    There is some buzz about clutches making a strong debut in the light of day as well as night and I have seen some that have put me on waiting lists, notably a clutch by Hermes, Gucci and Fendi. Buzz or no buzz, these bags are beautiful. Finding an outfit to match their strong futuristic and graphic qualities will be the challenge.

    However I wonder how many of us who have gotten so used to carrying our worlds in our XL Muse will transition to a clutch, so I am willing to hear about what you all are excited about, because try as I can I cannot seem to find a particular bag or bags to make me get that tingling feeling. With the Fall 07 shows around the corner, who knows, maybe I'll buy a clutch, skip spring and start dreaming about Fall?

    Some Fendi Clutches:
    Fendi 1.jpg

    Fendi 2.jpg

    Fendi 3.jpg

    Fendi 4.jpg

    Fendi 5.jpg
  2. Fendi and Gucci...
    Fendi 6.jpg

    Gucci 1.jpg

    Gucci 2.jpg

    Gucci 3.jpg

    Gucci 4.jpg
  3. Hermes....
    Hermes 1.jpg

    Hermes 2.jpg
  4. Harper's Feb It Bags.jpg

    None of these bags really get me. Chanel too busy, Hermes...what? Fold up your bag so you can't use it? And...what?
  5. Another sexy photo of the Gucci clutch I love.
    Feb Allure Gucci Clutch.jpg
  6. Harper's pick for a page on its own "IT" status. Not my fave. Was better without the Chanel pimples, I mean, embellishment. Feb Harper's Chanel It Bag.jpg
  7. An add for a new Chloe that reminds me of what might happen if the Chanel Mademoiselle bag and the Chloe Edith had a baby. Not bad in my opinion.
    Feb Chloe Add.jpg
  8. Feb Harper's Silver Bag Bonanza.jpg

    Feb Harper's Silver Bag Bonanza part 2.jpg
    Silver bag gold bag bronze bag metal mania is here to stay. I have even painted my fingernails silver (I did this before I heard marc jacobs sent his girls down the LV runway that way).
  9. The Hermes clutch again. I like it because it is not too trendy. Hermes Clutch Jan Vogue.jpg

    Feb Hermes Clutch.jpg
  10. I like this bag. For some reason I think a metal bag should have sharp lines and be simple rather than the fact that it is shinier than anything in the room is enough to be attention grabbing.

    Jan Vogue Jil Sander Bag.jpg
  11. Another photo of the simple Jill Sander Bag. Wish it had a longer strap, though.
    Jill Sander Bag.jpg
  12. I was having dreams about this Armani Prive bag last night. I am scared to ask how much...
    Armani Prive Bag.jpg

    Armani Prive Bag 2.jpg
  13. So that's all I'll add for now. I hope you all enjoyed the photos... if I find any more on my hard drive I will post them as well. Best!
  14. I'd go for the Gucci clutches
  15. The anti-IT bags are LV's S/S-PUKE PUKE PUKE!!!
    I like Giambattista Valli's doctor bag, Prada's new gauffre bags in nylon/leather, Miu Miu's new leather satchels in white/cream..I think that these will be HUGe in 2007..