Predicted Hatches, Matches & Dispatches for 2008!

  1. So, let's lay down our predictions for 2008! [​IMG]
    • Who'll hatch - and Nicole Richie isn't allowed, that's a tad obvious!
    • Who'll match, and you may or may not predict a matchee for that person
    • And who'll be dispatched (one way or another!) during 2008?

    Hatch: Tara Reid / Lindsay Lohan
    Match: Paris Hilton (to anyone) / Lindsay Lohan (Marilyn Manson)
    Dispatch: Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan

  2. okay, I'll play....

    Hatch: Angelina, Jennifer Garner
    Match: Paris, Lindsey
    Dispatch: Britney
  3. If dispatch means die, Amy Winehouse. I just have a feeling.

    As far as hatching... I'm inclined to say Nicole Kidman. Since her kids with Tom hate her, I could see her trying to have one with Keith Urban.

    I also see Paris Hilton settling down, and I'm afraid Britney Spears will probably marry someone else.
  4. Ooh, Amy.. I didn't think of her. Yes, Amy's sadly definitely in the running. As for a Britney rematch, I believe she already has married someone else..? :push:

    Have just realised too that Anna Nicole did all three this past year. Champion.
  5. Hatch: Angelina Jolie, Fergie and Jennifer Aniston
    Match: Kevin Federline, Kate Hudson
    Dispatch: Britney Spears and Pete Doherty
  6. Hatch: Nicole Kidman
    Match: Britney Spears with her hot (sarcasm) paparazzi bf
    Dispatch: Amy Winehouse :sad:
  7. Hatch: Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes
    Match: Paris
    Dispatch: Britney
  8. Hatch: Eva Longoria

    Match: Teri Hatcher will get engaged/married

    Dispatch: David Hasslehoff
  9. Hatch = Paris, Eva Longoria
    Match= Lindsay (love the Marilyn reference),Justin Timberlake, Paris
    Dispatch= how sad but I agree Amy Winehouse

    A good friend of mine works for Teri Hatcher. I'll have to ask if she's gettin' hitched!
  10. Dispatch: Britney, Amy Windhouse and Pete Doherty, maybe Kate Moss
  11. oooh great thread

    Hatch: Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud)

    Match: Kylie (hopefully) Jennifer Aniston

    Dispatch: Eww that awful Kerry Katona! famous for nothing, just want her dispatched from every glossy weekly magazine please!
  12. Sorry, but I am having trouble understanding the definitions of "hatch, match, and dispatch." Could you please explain? Thanks.
  13. ^^
    Hatch = which celebs will fall pregnant/give birth (ones that are not already common knowledge

    Match = Celebs that you will think will get together,marry etc

    Dispatch = take that as you like! people you think you want to see the back of and never see again, or darker ;)
  14. Lol ok thanks. I had an inkling that was what it was but wanted to make sure.
  15. Hatch - Katie Holms, Posh, Gwen Stefani ,
    Match -Prince William , Jennifer Anitson , Reese Witherspoon , Jessica Simpson
    Dispatch-Amy Whinehouse , Pete Dourghty , Britney or Lindsay