Precious metal clay!

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  1. Does anyone use this? I'm interested in it, but don't know where to start!
  2. I took a class at a local pottery store and made a necklace and ring. Try calling local shop that do pottery. I like the look ok, but not in love with the finished product. It's sort of crudely finished.
  3. I've always wanna try this too but can afford it at the moment. LOL

    Taking classes would be great... or go to the library and check some books for references.

    Amazon and ebay has some great books about precious metal clay at discounted prices.
  4. I also took a class and made a ring.
    Very easy to handle. But like alliemia said it's very rough. I think more equipment and skills is needed in order to make it really nice.
  5. Hi frenchtoast - I'm also curious about it - sounds amazing in theory, as I gather the organic binder magically melts away in the firing process and you are left with pretty much pure silver. Drawback - yes - I think as lovemiki and alliemia have reported - it can look rather rough and ready - and I believe it also shrinks - so if making rings, this has to be taken into account. Can imagine though that it would suit very sculptural/organic/chunky designs best.....will keep an eye on this very interesting thread as it would be great to get some more opinions on people who have worked with it! (I have seen some items on Etsy that have been made from it - seems to suit brooches/pendants mostly etc...and of course it is mega-pricey, so no room for mistakes!....:biggrin:
  6. i've also been wanting to try this. you can guy supplies at firemountaingems.
    not cheap though! which is what keeps me from trying it.