Precious Lit-tle Perles

  1. I would like to try this shot in better light, but you get the idea...:smile:
    Precious Perles.jpg
  2. Wow! Nice collection! Major eye candy here!
  3. Pretty! :flowers:
  4. Yummy, they are sooo beautiful. Thanks for posting :flowers:
  5. So pretty! I just saw the Cles in store yesterday and it's beautiful!
  6. Wow! amazing! Love them....thanks for the eye candy!
  7. nice!
  8. Lovely picture!!
  9. very have so many vernis..gorgeous!!!

    Any group pics?? drool:drool: :drool:
  10. Oh wow those are sooo beautiful!! Very, very classy.
  11. Gorgeous! Love every one of your vernis beauties and enjoy seeing them!:love:
  12. very nice :love:
  13. Thanks sweeties! Bagsnbags, just posted the whole family in the vernis club and posted agendas in the agenda club, check it out.. hey, I'll post again here, since you asked...
    La Family Vernis.jpg triple agendas.jpg
  14. wow, great family shot! i really like your indigo items. :smile:
  15. Beautiful picture, and I LOVE the indigo also:drool: