Precious Charms Necklace

  1. Nordstrom MOA just received this piece from the Precious Charms collection. This particular style features two chain strands with charms that include eggs, flowers, clovers, turtles, and CC logos. This piece is also available in a single strand, too. The necklace in the photo retails for $1525.
    Precious Charms.JPG
  2. Wow! Is that long enough to double as a belt?
  3. Tdf!!!!!
  4. Yes, you could use this as a belt too.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Nordstrom Mall of America just received charm bracelets from this collection today!
  7. oh how much is the bracelet???
  8. oh can you post pictures of the bracelet as well and also the price. thanks so much.
  9. :cry: i've been wanting this necklace FOREVER but i was never sure of the retail price. aghhh. i'm so close to just caving in.
  10. I will post pictures today of the single strand necklace and also the charm bracelets.
  11. Here is a photo of the single strand in the blue tones. We are currently sold out of the single strand in the brown tones. This piece retails for $875.
    Precious Charms Single.JPG
  12. oh...... very tempting!!!!! :graucho:
    Lucas, when you have a chance can you post the pic of the bracelet as well please????? Thanks much.
  13. I'd love to see the bracelet also :smile:
  14. Lovely!