Precautions to take on a SNAD Return?

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  1. I've read so many of your cases here and I always try to help and learn how to be proactive and cautious when I buy on ebay.

    Well here is my story; Purchased a Speedy (authentic verified) the listing states "Pre-owned, but in Excellent used condition". Seller only had 1 picture on the listing itself, however she emailed me all the pics we needed to verify authenticity.

    I receive the bag and to my surprise; the handles glazing is splitting and cracking all the way around, the inside is dirty, there is a huge pen scribble on the pocket and the bag over all has blemishes on the exterior. My main concern is the splitting glazing. I paid $600.00 for this bag and of course I knew it was used, BUT these damages were never disclosed. This bag is from 2008, so it's fairly new.

    Fast forward to me emailing the seller that I was never told these issues and they were not noted in the auction and I want to return it.

    She was rude and did not even address any my concerns, insulted me and simply said no, no return.
    I open a SNAD with PP and now here is where I need your advise please.

    With all these horror stories of empty boxes and sellers claiming they never received the item back.

    What precautions should I take besides, tracking, insurance and signature confirmation when I return the bag to the seller?

    Thanks for reading this long post and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. That just really annoys me. You're correct in doing the delivery and signature confirmation & insurance. Just keep all communication through ebay and save any messages you receive from the seller, if any. Take detailed pictures as well. I don't like people trying to make a fast buck on the backs of unsuspecting buyers and then not taking responsibility. I understand we may not see every nook & cranny of the bag and some things are just innocently overlooked, but the glazing on the handles splitting and a pen mark? Not so innocent, IMO. Even if some of these flaws doesn't appear in pictures due to the lighting, etc, it is the seller's responsibility to disclose them.
  3. Take photos of the bag before you ship it back.
  4. Thanks so much Patriot511 & Noshoepolish!

    I have already taken all pics of the bag and cracking handles and pens marks. As well as a picture of me putting the bag in a new USPS box.

    Is there anything else anyone can think of that I can do to protect my self?

    Perhaps I am jumping the gun here, but I want to make sure I understand this correctly;

    What happens if she refuses the package or she says the box is empty or has someone else sign for it and then claims thats not her signature.

    I don't want to put anything past her! Thanks again
  5. If you have a good relationship with your PO, I'd package it infront of someone there. Have everything ready, place the bag inside and ask the PO person to use their tape to secure the box. I'd tell them the story about the defects, even show them the handles, so they remember, incase there's a problem. If the seller is a PITA this will be added protection, as well as signiture and insurance. Good luck!
  6. ^^^ Skyqueen, thank you so much! :sunshine: What a great idea. Yes I have a good relationship with the ladies at the PO. I will also make sure they secure it with their Priority Tape.
  7. Glad you have "ladies" at your PO...they'll surely remember! LOL!
    Sorry you have to go through this...very disappointing!
  8. Thanks Sky! Oh yes, they remember me because I usually go in at almost closing time and we've become somewhat friends and one of them always gives me compliments on my LV's, she's a fan of LV as well. :smile:

    I really wanted to love this bag, it's just so sad the splitting and glazing cracks and pen marks were never disclosed. I would have never bid!
  9. I would either print the postal scan form or pay at the post office so they scan it in front of you. Write "Do Not Forward" on the box.
  10. ^^ Thanks, may I ask what happens if she refuses the package or just ignores it.

    Where does it go if I write "Do Not Forward"?
  11. Has paypal told you to send it back yet? If you just opened the claim make sure it has been escalated and they've told you to return the bag. The last thing you want is for paypal to side with the seller (highly unlikely, though) and you to be out the bag and money. So just be sure you need to return the bag at this point.

    And if she refuses it or ignores it that's not your problem. As long as the delivery has been attempted you're fine. With your tracking and sig conf paypal would be able to see that delivery has been attempted.
  12. Emcosmo: Not yet, at this moment it is being reviewed by paypal. I did escalate I am just gathering all the correct information for when they do tell me to send it back. On my dispute it says I should hear back from PP by Nov. 6.

    Does that seem like a long time or is that normal?

    Great Thank you, so as long as I send it with sig conf, tracking and insurance, then everything will be fine. If she does not except it or ignores it then paypal would see my attempts and still refund me?
  13. In addition to packing it in front of Post Office employee have someone video tape the process. I know it may sound way over the top, but it's the best insurance to have besides the usual tracking number, insurance, and confirmation.
  14. I actually contemplated videotaping my self....... I also thought it was a bit much, However I appreciate your advice and really think I should do it! What's the worst that could happen I look crazy to my acquaintances at the PO. I certainly want to cover all my bases.
  15. I thought that paypal wouldn't take any videotape footage so it's pretty much pointless unless you were to take a buyer to court? (correct me if I'm wrong, though). My philosophy is if I'm that nervous to where I have to video tape, etc, perhaps I should sell my items via a different method (I just consign in that case).

    Honestly, OP, I think as long as you take photos, use delivery and sig conf, you should be fine. Perhaps consider a tyvek band or padlock--that way it's harder to do a bait and switch. But I've always felt the video taping gets a little extreme. And some post offices wont let you, it just depends on how nice your's is.