Pre-treating a Tivoli GM

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  1. Hello all! I just bought the Tivoli GM and have read threads with mixed reviews about pre-treating Vachetta. I am curious if anyone has treated their Tivoli GM or other bag with a lot of vachetta and how it worked out for them. I only haves used leather lotion on bags after using them for a while but I have never pre treated.
  2. Hi! I have a tivoli pm that I did not pre treat but I did with my galliera. What were you planning to use to pre treat? I used LMB LV kit. My galliera was only a week old when I got color transfer on the trim from the shirt that I was wearing and I only used the cleanser on the spot with transfer and just the protection on the rest of the bag since it was still brand new! So I pretty much pre treated/protected her. My galliera is now almost a year and a half old and she looks beautiful! :smile: But If I didn't get any color transfer, I wouldn't have done it.. :smile:
  3. I was considering LMB's but my main concern is does it change the texture of the leather? I have carried my bag twice and had light color transfer on the piping from my jeans and light color transfer on the handles that lightly rubbing a white eraser got rid of but now I am nervous and so not enjoy carrying the bag because I am worried. I have a lot of other bags that I have not pre treated but there is not as much vachetta on them. My Delightful GM was a true pain since the trim would get color transfer like crazy.

    I am also worried the bag will look different and by that I mean I have seen people whom have sprayed their bags and the leather looks almost like shiny plastic.

    Do you think it's worth it?
  4. After your done with the whole process, the vachetta does feel a bit sticky almost but once you buff it in it becomes really smooth and silky. Even the canvas. If you are unsure, I wouldn't do it! My galliera does not look that different.. The canvas does look just a tad but shinier to me but I'm not worried about it. Not that noticeable at all! But like I said, if I didn't get any color transfer, I wouldn't have done it.. Like with my tivoli and artsy, I think I'm just gonna wait until they patina a bit and then do the 3 step process to get the dirt and what not off! Just to keep it looking clean and even.. HTH! :smile: