Pre-treating a bag to prevent stains?

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  1. So I've been dying to use my lovely Clandestine, but it's a cream color and I am deathly afraid of staining it (or getting it stuck in a subway door, nyc is dirty).

    Is there any way to pre-treat a bag to prevent stains?
    Otherwise, I guess I just need to venture out with my baby and clean stains immediately!
  2. I posted this a few days ago under the summer white bag love or hate thread about how I treated my white bag this weekend. If you haven't heard of these products before, the websites are and Two coats of For Handles Only with a paper towel (Lovin My Bags), two coats of Leather Pro-Treatment with a makeup sponge (Lovin My Bags), and two coats of Applegarde Rain and Stain Repellent spray.
  3. --So it is OK to spray the Apple Garde on over the Pro-Treatment? And over the Handles Only? I am so chicken when it comes to putting stuff on my bags.

    I just used the Handles Only on all of my still-light LV vachetta. Directions said use a light hand - I am worried maybe I didn't put enough - did you use the smallest dab(s) possible? I of course had to re-dip the paper towel to cover more and more sections of the bag, but how do I know I put on enough? I have read all the causions on various threads of not over-using the products...
  4. I'm playing it by ear. I put the Leather Pro-Treatment over the Handles Only, and then sprayed the Apple-Garde. I think I was gearing toward as much protection as possible! I didn't use really small dabs, and I put on a lot. If you have questions about the Lovin My Bag products, I heard that Barbara is really nice, and I'm sure she'll answer them.
  5. Thanks titania! I remember hearing about lovinmybags, but hadn't really checked them out. I'm going to get those 2 products. I have Coach cleaner and moisturizer so I'll stick with that.
    Hmm, anyone know if handle cleaner works for valchetta leather? I wonder if I should pre-treat an old, but well used Coach bag.
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