Pre-spring bags / ink bags / sale bag at Barneys Chestnut Hill (MA)

  1. O.K. today I really went to Barneys CH (yesterday I went to Barneys Boston and mistakenly wrote CH, which was edited). And yes, I do have other things I'm supposed to be doing than checking out local Bbags.

    I stopped by to check for sale items and was shocked that they have some pre-spring bags! Last year it seemed like they were so far behind Bal NY in getting bags that I didn't expect anything until at least January. I think the SAs were surprised too.


    They have some pre-spring bags with the giant hardware, in white, grass green, truffle, cafe, and black. I thought the nicest was the white brief, which had gorgeous leather. I do not personally like the huge gold hardware at all, but thought it looked best with white and browns.

    They also have a few new colors with classic hardware, including the brief in white (nice leather), a grass green first, and a truffle bag (work, maybe).

    I like cafe a lot, it is fairly dark (but I don't think as dark as 05 chocolate) and has warm undertones. I also like truffle, I thought the color looked a bit darker and richer than the fall truffle bags I saw.

    Overall, I thought the leather was fairly nice, but white was the only color that I thought had amazing leather.

    They have an ink courier with nice leather and an ink twiggy (leather is reasonably nice, but looks like it needs some conditioning).

    Only a few and no moto bags
    Large ink hook bag $999 (orig. over $1600)
    Ink and light brown mirror bags $859 I think (orig. $1295)

    If interested, # is 617.969.5354 (I recomm. asking for Peter).
  2. Thanks for posting City! I love your descriptions! I was going to go there today but was not feeling well! I cannot believe they actually have some of the new bags! Hopefully I will be able t check it out tomorrow!
  3. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you feel better and can check them out. I'd love to hear what you think.
  4. Ink Courier :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

    My wallet :crybaby::crybaby:
  5. Thanks City!!! I will try and get there this weekend or on Monday.
  6. Uh oh ... I have to go to Barneys (CH) today; I better leave my wallet home ... I'm trying SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to be good!
  7. ^^^Please give us the update CeeJay!!!!!:heart: