Pre-Selling for Bloomingdales Charity Event 20% off everything over $300

  1. My Bloomies SA called me today to tell me Bloomingdales is Pre-selling NOW for their charity event which is Thursday Oct 25th. 20% off ANYTHING over $300 using your Bloomies card. This INCLUDES ALL HIGH-END HANDBAGS!!!
  2. That's great news! Haven't gotten a call, nor have I received anything in the mail. I wonder if they'd let me in on the sale anyway?
  3. Even LV and Chanel?! Seems WAYYY too good to be true.
  4. It will be fantastic if Chanel is included!
  6. My SA said it excludes NOTHING! (She knows I am an MJ fanatic!) You have to have a Bloomies card, and you can start buying now during the pre-sale; you just can't get the merchandise until next Thursday the 25th. This is the Bloomies in Atlanta, but I assume it is at all of them. Call your local store and find out the skinny.
    Good Luck!!!!
  7. Ladies, sorry to disappoint but I'm fairly certain LV is not included. I'm not sure about Chanel though.

    But feel free to call and confirm/reject! :tup:
  8. LV is leased space so i'd be fairly suprised that it's included...ok u know what i'm going to call them rite now!
  9. hear anything yet?!:p
  10. ..i give up! Not many bloomingdales carries chanel handbags and the lady at south coast doesnt know! She told me theyre having a workers appreciation which wasnt much help, because HOW DOES THAT HELP ME?!!? And the new york bloomies guy told me something totally different, something like $15 gift card per 100 dollar spent...:shrugs: and when i tried to explain im calling about the charity event on thursday the 25th he kept interupting me and telling me no its on monday! So i hung up on him...loser!
    But what i do know is this:
    -Presale starts today, cannot pick up until 25th.
    -you must buy a $10 donation card
    -15% any non bloomies payment method, 20% bloomies card users
    -lv is not included! I have a feeling chanel, gucci, prada and such are not included either but we'll see.
  11. thanks for calling! sorry you had to deal with dumb SA's. so i guess this isn't better than Saks EGC eh?
  12. Which Bloomies sells Chanel? Our new one in Chevy Chase doesn't nor does the one in White Flint.:sad:

    This would be the perfect opportunity to shop for the "good" stuff!
  13. I talked to Bloomingdales SF (Robert) and he confirmed that lease departments are excluded (Jimmy Choo, Dior and LV). I don't know if Chanel is a lease dept.
  14. bloomies had one at the end of feb/beg of march and i think lv, fendi, jimmy choo and chanel were excluded. however..david yurman, chloe, mj were included!!!
  15. one of the ones in, i believe south coast plaza.