Pre-sales already?.....

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  1. So, I heard someone mention in another thread that Label360(I think) would be taking pre-sale orders for the pre-fall color bags starting like next week. Is that right? Will there be any color sample swatches or photos for these colors before they start taking orders? I'm interested in so many of those colors, but there's no way I'd consider pre-order not having any sort of indication of the color. Does anyone have any more info on this?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. ^say wha? I sure hope there are some samples of photos and swatches taken.
  3. Yeah, I need some swatches as well. Too many greens to choose from, I need pics!
  4. Yah that was me, I talked to Elise from Label360 today and she said presale orders for fall will start next week. She does not have color samples yet. There is a whole other thread dedicated to the colors which are known, but no samples to look at...hang in tight!
  5. Whew! Ok, good - I was beginning to think that I just imagined that someone said that(and I couldn't even begin to remember what thread I read it in)! :Push:
    I'm not opposed to pre-ordering that far in advance, I was just concerned about even thinking about pre-ordering without knowing for sure what color I was buying. Thanks for the info! :tup:
  6. Don't forget MAGS is meeting with Rm this week to so I am hoping she coems back with color swatches!!
  7. Nope not crazy, I can't count the number of times I wasnt sure if I was hallucinating about some deal or new info and wasted a ton of time trying to find it again!
  8. Yea just an FYI ladies.... the customer service at Label360 is GREAT however you have to pay up front for the preorders, and when I cancelled my preorder, it took 3 weeks to get a refund.

    The SA's are great though, so don't make any haste decisions, wait till you get the samples, and know what you WANT first.
  9. Oooh, yeah maybe Megs will get us another PF exclusive!! :biggrin: I can't wait to get my hands on another new RM bag!
  10. For sure! There's no way I'd buy a color based on name alone, without seeing some indication of actual color.

    I've heard some good things about L360, and they've always been very prompt and informative when I've e-mailed them, but I'm pretty happy at the moment doing most of my pre-order business with LB. They don't bill your card until they ship, and refunds(though I've never had to return anything to them) from what I've heard are issued promptly. I've heard some say they've waited a month or more for refunds with L360 - so I think I'll pass. I just don't see any viable reason it should take that long.

    Anyway, sorry about that......:back2topic: (I've been waiting to use that little guy, and since I'd never do it to anyone else - I'll do it to myself :P )
  11. I emailed 360 TWICE and even called them a left a voicemail and NEVER HEARD ANYTHING BACK FROM THEM :cursing: Frankly, I'm not too impressed with them.
  12. ^purple did you email/call during the weekend? sometimes they don't get back to emails right away but usually respond within the same day if it is a week day.

    personally i really like label360. their CS is superb and they really do care about their customers! i've never had any problems with them. and they also have the best deals on RM bags. can't beat that!
  13. Purple when did you email them? I emailed them several times on Friday, but i think they were really swamped with the Basketweave RM orders! I usually email the SA there on a DAILY basis, and she ALWAYS gets back to me! I love their service. Although i waited a while to get my refund, the SA was always very prompt, and doing whatever she could to make sure i was satisfied!

    Also- they aren't there on weekends, so thats why you haven't heard back. I'm sure you'll hear back from them Monday!
  14. Pre-sales eh? Firing up the ol' debit card over here! :yahoo:
  15. LOL Gung i'm jealous you're pulling up a DEBIT! I have to go off CREDIT! Thank god for interest free credit cards and 3% cash back!