1. let me start off by saying, my is this forum addictive and a bad influence. ;)

    so anyways, seeing all the amazing chanel sales going on, i might be hitting the mall tomorrow. I searched a little bit, but what exactly is a "pre-sale"? Do you need like, vip status to do that?

    I've never realls pre-saled something, how does that work?

    sorry, suuuuper noobie. :yes:

  2. Pre-sale is like SA hold on the items that you want to buy and you leave your credit card information. When 1st day sale, she will ring you up and you can either pick up and she can send to you. That way you can get the items you want in advance and no need to be in crowdy sale troop in the 1st day of sale.:flowers:
  3. ooo! ok thank you so much :heart: So, it HAS to be credit card huh?
  4. I called a Saks, and the SA said there were no more markdowns on Chanel. Maybe she was lying. :sad:
  5. oh no! that's too bad. i read this line is being fased out, yes?
    i believe someone already pre-saled an item, i'm not sure.

    let's hope she's lying :P
  6. I just ordered a bag on Sunday for the pre-sale at Saks that starts on Wed.
  7. Congrats!
    Oooo, What did u order??? :love:
  8. Is it just handbags that are on sale or are accessories discounted as well?
  9. I think it's both...saw make-up bags, scarves, and one pair of earrings
  10. Michelle what is on sale? I need more chanel!!??
  11. I know the Cambons are on sale, but not sure if the black ones are on sale. We need to find Roey, I think she knows what other bags are on sale......Hopefully she will read this thread....
  12. I ordered a Beige Cambon tote.... I'll post some pics when I get it....
  13. Hey Michele did you order from the Saks in chevy chase? I really want a beige tote.
  14. Congrats!!
    I have called like 10 saks trying to locate any beige/black anything...:shocked: All I could find was small pink tote. I am sure that's all gone by now.
  15. Hi Elongreach,

    No, I actually ordered it from the SAKS in Phoenix Arizona. If for some reason they sent the wrong bag (which I hope will not happen ) I am going to return it to Chevy Chase.....