1. Did any of u purchase anything from the pre-sale? I purchased the Large Sukey tote in Beige/Ebony .. Just got a confirmation email saying its been shipped! Im kind of excited, Ive never tried a Sukey Tote before, I hope i like it! *Crossing fingers* Its supposed to get to me by Tuesday :sad: I wish it could come sooner! :p Ill post pics of it when I recieve it and if I end up liking it... :confused1:
  2. Congrats!! I've been debating that purchase as well!!
  3. go for it!!! :p
  4. How much discount did you get?

    Bergdorfgoodman is having 40%off on some Gucci bags, and Nordy is having 40%off on some Gucci shoes. I am busy shopping, but maybe want to try at a different store too :smile:)
  5. Thank you for posting the link.
  6. I did order a Sukey in beige/blue diamante, and a few smaller items. The charges have hit my bank account, but alas, no shipping notices so far. Can't wait for the goodies to get here!
  7. I was going to but for some reason I didn't. I'm holding out for a Saks or NM sale to see if there are more options :sneaky:
    I see the gucci private sale is closed so I'll check back tomorrow to see if anything has been added... still not sure which Sukey I want. It's the old "I'll know it when I see it" shopping strategy.
    But definately show us when you get yours! :smile:
  8. Mine just got delivered :smile:
    The boxes are really nice this time, made of sturdy cardboard, plus the paper lining is printed in Diamante pattern. Also, the bow string is made of soft cotton. I was underwhelmed by Gucci's packaging in the past so I find all these to be really nice.

  9. I love the long zip around wallet! The leather is so soft and the color is the perfect neutral gray.

    The small zip around is cute. The GG's are smaller and the color is charmingly pink.

    I am a little bit disappointed with the coin purse. It's smaller than what I was expecting. But it's still pretty.

  10. Ohhh. Show us pics of what you got.
    I didn't buy anything from the presale but i got one from the BG sale! Its seemed like the discount was better at BG and NM for some bags.
  11. I ordered the large lilac trim craft tote, it should be here next week! :yahoo:
  12. Hi can some pm me the link for the sale . TIA
  13. ^the private sale is ended but the public one starts June 1st. (at least thats what comes up when I tried to access the private sale earlier this morning)
  14. I love the pink wallet! I was debating on getting either the pink cosmetic pouch or one of the card wallets but I debated for too long and they were gone once I finally decided I wanted one :sad:
  15. waiting for the same coin purse in the mail. hope i like it. congrats and enjoy!!!