Pre-sale For The Pce....

  1. If You Presale And Do Not Get A Coupon, What Happens? Do You Still Get The Discount?
  2. dont you need the cupon to presale?
  3. I have a friend who went in without hers and they let her presale. They said to just bring it back before Monday (that's when they're charging the credit card and shipping out the loot).

  4. You can't presale without an invitation..
  5. Does it have to be the presale invitation? My store apparetnly called and got my 81 y/o mom who didn't give me a message - saw it on caller ID.

    My card doesn't have presale info on it.

    (I am asking this in general for others - I believe my store was calling me about the pre-sale).
  6. My card didnt have presale info on it but they were nice enough to let me do it anyway.
  7. Pre-sale is basically going into the store early and filling out a form w/ an SA for the items you want and they will ring it/ship it out to you so you don't have to come back.

    Cards don't mention it, that's why we make calls basically. Just bring your invite to the store and i'm sure a SA will help you. You won't get to take it home that day, but you can basically gaurantee your items.