Pre-sale for next Markdown at NM

  1. There are still some Chanel bags available at NM San Antonio and pre-sale for the next markdown began today. Just wanted to let you all know.:smile:
  2. Wow, great news, but too bad NM only accept NM cards and Amex :
  3. ^NM in Las vegas takes VISA...I use Carlos there
  4. You can always buy a gift card online if you don't want to open an account
  5. what kind of things??
  6. black lambskin bus stop, pink wallet on a chain, pink bowler, pink aged calfskin with a flap from spring 05....
  7. ^ do you have pictures?
    are you able to do stock checks for other bags that other stores might have? Like luxury bowlers that were/are on sale? I got a bag recently from christina at your location. I think it was your location. I am pretty desperate to find a luxury bowler on sale..can you help?
  8. OMG, pink bowler is going for second cuts?? Just bought one 2 days ago. I'm gonna cry :sad:
  9. The wallet does looks similar. It is caviar and has big cc's on front and is ligt pink. I don't have any pics currently but I could try to take some.
  10. I don't know of any bowlers still available, what color?
  11. Tan or black?? or watever color that's available. Thanks Steph.
  12. can you check to see if white, red or coral ones are still available?? are you at work right now?
  13. How much is the wallet?
  14. you're in vegas? I usually use Carlos too at NM vegas.. he's good